Maria Island

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Maria Island

Maria Island is located in the Tasman Sea, 6.5 km from its east coast in Australia and it is divided into two parts, the first part extends over an area of ​​19.31 km on the north side and the south side, and the second part extends over an area of ​​12.87 km on the eastern side and the south side, and they connect Together by a narrow sand isthmus, which is 915 m above sea level, this island was discovered by the Dutch navigator Abel Tasman, and it was in the early nineteenth century a whaling center, and in the period of the late nineteenth century many factories such as factories Silk and many other sucks P different, has been introduced in the cement industry in the twenties of the twentieth century, and in 1972, was the construction of a national park on the island attracts many visitors.

Information on Darlington Observation Station

Darlington Observation Station on Maria Island is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the State of Australia, and it is unique among other different stations on Tasmania Island that owns 78 different monitoring stations, and has among its territories fourteen buildings and ruins that are still preserved to the present day.

Tourism on the island of Maria

Maria Island is among the natural reserves of settlement centers in the state of Australia, and the island attracts many tourists especially to visit the wonderful (Bishop & Clerc) summit, where visitors are able to do many recreational activities in it and one of the most famous recreational activities at the level of the entire island is to climb this amazing summit The journey from Darlington to the city takes approximately four to five hours. Darlington is the only city on the whole of Mariah Island.


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