Marmaris Island in Turkey

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Marmaris Island in Turkey

Marmaris Island is one of the most important and famous tourist places in Turkey, and this island is known as the Turkish Riviera, and this island is distinguished by its beautiful nature and beauty, as it contains many tourist places that suit all tastes, and what distinguishes tourism in Turkey is that customs are very close to the customs of peoples Arabic, except for the kindness, generosity and hospitality that characterizes the Turkish people.

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This island is located in the region where both the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet, and this region is known as the largest natural port available globally, and more clearly this island is located in the southwestern side of Turkey, and the island belongs to the Mugla Province, which is surrounded by the northern side of the Gulf Gokova, from the south, is surrounded by the Mediterranean, while from the western side, it is surrounded by the island of Dhaka, and from the east, this island is surrounded by Lake Koycegiz.

Because of this strategic location, the island was distinguished as a wonderful natural place, as it was distinguished by many bays and seas overlooking it, which made it an evergreen place, and the island has many distinctive entertainment places, and it is one of the islands that are characterized by its fish wealth and the presence of many aromatic herbs and sponges in it, Among the most famous of which it was said is the island where no one is bored.

The History of Marmaris

The history of the discovery of Marmaris dates back to about 3400 BC. The historical indicated that the first inhabitants of this island are the people of Kar, so that the island was named after “Kariya”, and because of the attractive nature of this island and a strategic location that has become a magnet for many civilizations. It was even a raw center for many civilizations, the most important of which were the Karia, Rhodes, Egypt, Ion, Dor, Persians, Macedonians, Syria, Rome, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans, and it was also called Vexus at that point.

Tourism in Marmaris

  • The island contains many cafes, restaurants and parks. It also contains many luxurious hotels, and it has many shopping and entertainment places.
  • The island has many ports that include tourist yachts for celebrations, and the ports contain many places equipped with all the distinctive water games.
  • Dalyan Region: This region contains many carved paintings of rocks, as visiting this region needs a cruise using the ship or yacht, which makes it two trips at the same time, so visiting the region represents a beautiful cruise and a tourist trip between the beauty of nature and especially the natural reserve that exists Most marine species are rare.
  • Icmeler Beach: This beach is known for its clear waters, sunshine and warmth, and its golden sands and magnificent scenery in it resemble the splendor of the Maldives’ beaches.
  • Marmaris Bazaar: Tourists in Marmaris cannot miss the opportunity to wander and shop at the Marmaris Bazaar. This bazaar is made up of many small stores that contain everything that a tourist might need.
  • Turkish bath: Visitors and tourists should not miss the opportunity to try the Turkish bath and enjoy a period of rest and massage with perfumed oils after bathing with municipal soap. It is also wonderful to try a slime mask treated for the skin.

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