Mauritius Islands

It is a group of small islands that are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and away from Madagascar at a distance of eight hundred and sixty kilometers, and the first to discover these islands is the Portuguese traveler or scholar Mascarenhas, and that was in the year 1505 AD, and he called it by the current name known, and in the year 1598 AD anchored Dutch fleet in which led to the establishment of the first Dutch settlement or colony in it in the year 1838 AD.

The Dutch over the following years introduced many crops to them, the most important of which was sugar cane. They also raised pets, the most important of which was deer. Then the French entered it and that was in the year 1715 AD, and they established a port called Port Louis, and they remained a basic base for them until Napoleon defeated them in 1810 CE when The British seized it and established a authority led by a person called Robert Farquhar, after which a group of different economic and social values ​​were implanted, and the 1967 general elections began and the country was declared independent on the twelfth of March of the year 1968 AD, where they established a new constitution D, and announced the Republic on the twelfth of March of the year 1992 AD.

Land and area

Its area is estimated at about two thousand and fifty kilometers, and the last statistic for its population was in the year 1988 and the number was about one million, and Porth Lewis was adopted as its capital, noting that it also includes a volcanic island located at the top of the hills of Montenegro and its height is about eight hundred and twenty seven meters, or for more than The islands up there are the island of Rod Regus, which is located in the central, southern and western sides.

the climate

It is characterized by a warm climate, as its weather is tropical, so that it is characterized by a lack of rain, particularly the northern and western places, noting that the climate in its central plateau is more moderate, especially at its highest point, which is about six hundred meters above sea level, and during the summer in the months between November Until April, the temperature ranges between twenty-five to thirty-one degrees Celsius, knowing that there are hurricanes in it starting from November and ending in May, while the temperatures during the winter season range between fifteen to twenty-five degrees Celsius, the intensity of which increases between monthly May and Acto Righteousness.


It is inhabited by people of different nationalities, cultures, and different religions, in it those who convert to Islam and Christianity, as for nationalities, in which the Chinese and the Creole, so we find mosques and churches in addition to temples in all respects spread, and the population speaks English and French fluently in addition to the presence of a group of different oriental languages.

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