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Medical tourism in Jordan

Jordan has occupied a prominent position among the countries of the world in the field of medical tourism in recent years, due to the moderate climate enjoyed by Jordan and the picturesque nature in which all elements of physical therapy are available; from hot water rich in salts and volcanic mud, as is the qualitative leap in the provision of services Medical and health, and the availability of specialized and distinguished medical cadres in the fields of cardiac surgery and microsurgery, and its relatively low costs compared to countries of the world; making it a suitable tourist and medical destination and available to all. It is worth noting that Jordan ranked fifth in the world and first in the Middle East and North Africa as a destination for medical tourism.

The economic importance of medical tourism in Jordan

Medical tourism is considered one of the most important pillars and pillars of the Jordanian economy, as the revenues of medical tourism in Jordan for the year 2015 amounted to more than 1.2 billion Jordanian dinars, as these revenues included all patient expenditures such as medical procedures, transportation, accommodation, etc., and the revenues of medical tourism in Jordan constitute what Nearly two-thirds of the revenue for the entire tourism sector, as it contributed more than 14.2% of the gross domestic product for 2011, and created more than 42,500 direct jobs in the health sector of the same year.

The most famous medical tourism sites in Jordan

There are many places of natural medical tourism in Jordan, the most famous of which are the following:
  • Ma’in Hot Waterfalls: Moein Falls is one of the most famous tourist sites in Jordan, where some may visit it to enjoy it and the picturesque nature of it, or for the purpose of treatment with hot mineral water and volcanic mud.
  • Jordanian diet: It is located 100 km to the north of Amman, and it is one of the most important medical tourism sites in Jordan. In Jordan, such as the Dead Sea, the Northern Shouneh, Afra, and Rabita, which can be visited and relaxed.

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