Milan’s most important tourist attractions

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Milan Cathedral

Milan’s Cathedral, or the so-called domo, is one of the most important tourist attractions located in the square that is the historical center of Milan, and it represents the largest gothic church in the world, and it also provides tourists with a view Wonderful over the city in a wonderful and wonderful atmosphere, and it is noteworthy that this church, which took about 500 years to build, has more than 3,000 statues decorating the ceiling, in addition to 130 towers, and it includes the Reale Palace, which includes the Museum of Contemporary Art alongside the Domo Museum .

La Scala Theater

The La Scala Theater (in Italian: Teatro alla Scala) is the first destination for fans of ballet, opera and classical music in Italy, as it provides classic concerts that give fun to the atmosphere of the theater, such as a musical evening for Stravinsky, and it also hosts many operatic singers, The symphony orchestra and ballet performances.

Memorial cemetery

The establishment of the memorial cemetery (in Italian: Cimitero Monumentale) dates back to the late nineteenth century AD, and is characterized by its Roman, Byzantine, and Gothic design in line with the selective tastes of the time, a place that includes many historical, politically famous, and civil figures in the city of Milan, such as a family Campari, among them Italian artists, such as Medardo Russo, which reflects Italian history and well-known personalities. It should be noted that this cemetery is located on the northern side of the city.

Parco Sempione Park

Parco Sempione (Italian: Parco Sempione), which was opened in 1893 AD, was designed by Emilio Alemagna within natural green spaces, many trees, in addition to a wonderful pond, as this garden extends over an area of ​​about 469,435 square meters, and it contains many Cafés, children’s play areas, entertainment areas and sculptures make it a popular destination for tourists and visitors.


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