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It is considered a Trojan horse Trojan Horse An important part of one of the myths of the Trojan War, which is a wooden horse made of wood, and it is considered the largest in history; it rises to a height exceeding 108 meters, and weighs 3 tons, and thus it is a solid horse horse at the level of the world and history, followed by the Romen horse.

The legend of the Trojan horse

Myths contend that the Greek siege of Troy lasted for ten years, and as we mentioned earlier, the city was difficult to penetrate, so the Greeks resorted to creating a new war ruse to enter the city, so they made a huge wooden hollow horse, thanks to Epius for its construction, and the warriors entered the heart of the horse and on their head Odysseus, while the rest of the armies showed their departure to the Trojan rhythm with a trick, but the armies were hiding behind the horse, and the Trojans agreed to enter the horse into the city as a token of peace and affection, after the Greek spy convinced them that Sinon was a gift, and despite Lacon and Cassandra’s warnings to him M, but they did not listen to that, and the king ordered his introduction to the city as part of a major celebration.

The celebration lasted all day to rejoice in lifting the siege on the city, and at nightfall, while everyone was drunk, the Greeks began to get out of the horse and infiltrate the city, and opened the gates of the city in front of the rest of the armies; And children, it is reported that the city was subject to the rule of Prince Hector and Prince Pars at that time, and these two persons are considered the main driver behind the war that came as a result of the kidnapping of the Queen of Sparta Helen, the wife of Menelaus.

The time of the Trojan war between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries was estimated according to the ancient Greece, but scholars of our time are confused about the credibility of the legend, but the monuments discovered in the city by the German prospector and explorer indicate that there is a Trojan presence on the site.

Information about the city of Troy

Trojan city website

Troy is a city located in the heart of Asia Minor, built by the god of the sea and the god of poetry, Apollo, so it is considered an invincible city difficult to penetrate, but everything mentioned is just old myths.

The importance of the city of Troy

The city of Troy is considered one of the cities rich in legends, and at the present time it is considered one of the existing cities in western Turkey, specifically in the northwestern part of the coast of the province of Janakkala, and its history dates back to three thousand years BC, and history indicates that the city of Troy has passed ten Stages at least, starting from 3200 B.C. and up to 100 B.C., and it is reported that she was burned from her father’s spool by the Greeks.

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