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About Mombasa Kenya

The city of Mombas has pronounced “Mombasa” is the second largest city in Kenya and its main port. It lies on the equator so it is very hot and humid. Mombasa is characterized by its beautiful houses with wide wood carved balconies and the city provides its visitors with an enchanting atmosphere of the tropical regions amid centuries of maritime history, it is a world tourist center where charming beach resorts, palm trees and sparkling coral reefs.

Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy many different water sports and trips to explore wonderful dolphins on traditional sailboats, deep sea fishing, dive into shipwrecks and coral reefs and enjoy the golden sunlight amid the enchanting sand. The region is a cultural melting pot of many Asian, Arab, Omani, Indian and Chinese cultures.
The city is dotted with many tourist attractions such as wildlife reserves, villages, ancient countries, mosques and temples, which are wonderful architectural masterpieces. The following are known the most important attractions in Mombasa Kenya ...

Tourism in Mombasa Kenya

1- Jesus Fortress:

Mombasa Kenya Tour - Mombasa Kenya Tour
Fortress of Jesus

It is an architectural castle built by the Portuguese in the 16th century between 1593 to 1596. The fort is located among the UNESCO World Heritage sites and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Mombasa and one of the most wonderful architectural examples in military architecture in the world. The fort was built on previous military barracks and despite Partially destroyed, but still includes a wide range of ceramics and pottery. Jesus Fort has many walls and destroyed buildings inside the complex, including the Omani house, which was built in the late 18th century according to designs developed by Giovanni Battista Carati to protect the port of Mombasa. It is one of the most prominent examples that well preserved the Portuguese military fortifications and reflects the layout of the fort and the shape of the era The ideal renaissance in terms of dimensional perfection and engineering harmony, which can be found in the human body. This fort is located on an area of ​​2,36 hectares and includes the castle's trench and its immediate surroundings.
2- Haller Park Mombasa:

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Haller Park Mombasa

This park was started in 1971 by Dr. Renee Haller when she turned abandoned limestone quarries into a prosperous nature reserve. The reserve is thriving with trees and various wildlife, including water elk, giraffes, buffalo, zebras, crocodiles, ostriches, a reptile garden and a palm garden. There is also a fish farm and the garden is also home to a 130-year-old turtle that has become popular on the Internet in Recently. In addition to a large number of birds, including pelicans and storks, the park also has a path for cycling and pastin hiking.

3- Mombasa National Marine Park:

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Mombasa Marine National Park

It is one of the most crowded areas in Mombasa. It is home to mangroves, seagrass beds, sandy beaches and coral reefs. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling and beautiful sea creatures including seahorse and snakes in addition to seeing the wreck of the sunken ship there. And if you do not want to get wet, you can see all this beauty through the bottom of the glass boat and enjoy the wonderful views of marine life.
4- Beaches of North Coast of Mombasia:

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Beaches of the North Coast Mombasa

The beaches of the northern coast of Mombasa are more vital than the beaches of the southern coast because of its charming nature of sandy beaches, palm trees and bright sun and many colorful coral gardens in addition to it contains the best diving debris in Kenya and there are also near the coast many shops and hotels Distinctive.
5- The Old City:

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old City

On the southeast side of Mombasa Island you can find this old town with its stunning scenic views. It was inhabited by Portugal in the past and was one of the most important ports at the time. The city's residents, most of them of Arab and Asian origin, reflect the architecture of the city. It has a number of restaurants and cafes that you can relax on, some antiques stores, essential oils, gifts and fresh spices. The city is one of the most important attractions in Mombasa.
6- South Coast Beach:

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Mombasa South Coast

South coast of Mombas is a world of natural beauty where wonderful turquoise seas, sunny sandy beaches, palm trees, rain forests, enchanting wildlife, abundant birds and coral reefs, in addition to the many beaches where you will enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and the coast attracts many Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of water sports including windsurfing, sailing, diving, diving, water skiing and parasailing.
7- Mombasa Fangs:

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Fangs of Mombasa

It is one of the most famous landmarks of the city, which was built to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Mombas in 1952. Fangs are made of aluminum and fangs are the sign of entry to the heart of the city and are one of the prominent signs that distinguish Mombasa.
8- The central village of Mambasa:

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Central Village

Located in Nyali, it is the largest crocodile farm in East Africa, all its visitors can learn about the life cycle and behavior of these wonderful amphibious animals. The village contains a vegetable garden with an aquarium and orchards of fruits and water plants, and the center also offers horse riding.

9- The Cultural Center and Mombasa Workshop:

1581203949 652 Mombasa Kenya Tour - Mombasa Kenya Tour
cultural center

It is an association and project for the disabled in Mombasa city. It contains four workshops, a cultural center and a restaurant. In this cultural center, visitors can enjoy tribal dance and explore traditional residences located throughout Kenya. They can also visit workshops and buy handmade souvenirs, which include Jewelry, textiles, wood carving, handcrafts and leather, thus helping to keep the center running, because the returns are on it and on the way there is a wonderful restaurant for Canadian food that you can enjoy.
10- Mombasa co-kart:

1581203949 665 Mombasa Kenya Tour - Mombasa Kenya Tour

The place allows to spend a trip for all ages around the smooth and long tracks inside the Arabes on the rough roads, which will create for you an atmosphere of exciting incomparable fun. Then it is possible to relax and enjoy the appropriate restaurant for families and there are also places for computer games and a large playground and a large screen displaying sporting events and the path is also lit at night to enjoy all day long.

Mombasa Kenya hotels

Where do you stay in Mombasa?
In Mombasa there are three types of hotels, the first of which is luxury hotels on Bamburi Beach with swimming pools, tennis courts, diving centers and spa.
And another medium-storey apartment with wide glass doors and two swimming pools and a spa surrounded by magnificent cliffs and palm gardens and adorned with coral reefs along the beach of Nyali.
Economic hotels close to Nyali Beach and Jesus Fort are suitable for those who want to reach tourist attractions consisting of bright and spacious rooms, a few minutes away from which are the white sandy beaches.
Finally, we wish you a pleasant tourism in Mombasia, Kenya.

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