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Moses Bridge

The Moses Bridge in the Netherlands is known by several names. It is called the Trench Bridge and the Sunken Bridge, and it is considered one of the most wonderful and strange in the world at all. Transit through it is an adventure in itself, as it has become one of the most important attractions for tourists in the country. The Moses Bridge is located in the Netherlands, specifically in the city of Halstern, built next to an ancient archaeological fortress, dating back to the seventeenth century AD.

The story of Moses bridge construction

The project was submitted by the state in the year two thousand and ten years of birth in order to undertake expansionary works in the region where the oldest archaeological forts are located, particularly in the region of Brabant, where this fort was the most important defense points of the villages surrounding it against the invaders and the predecessors of the French and Spanish.

Since this bridge has an archaeological and historical position in the memory of the local population, the residents refused the state to remove the forests from this area, and they also refused to deepen the new water channels despite the fact that this castle was closed for many years.

A workshop was held in this castle (archaeological forts) to restore it, and then it was opened and greeted by tourists, and the thought started to create a bridge that makes it easier for visitors to cross the castle from the river bank opposite it, but the idea of ​​building a high bridge does not match the shape of a fortress and is protected by many trenches A history dating back hundreds of years, so what was of the design company was that it excelled in the way this bridge was drowned in the river, instead of making it a high bridge.

The idea of ​​building this bridge was welcomed by the inhabitants of the region, so that it fits with the place of this historical region. The idea of ​​building this bridge in its current form was nothing but a reminder of the story of the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, when the sea split in front of it.

How to build Musa Bridge

This bridge was designed by architectural group Ro & Ad, and it was built in a hidden style, so that it cannot be seen from a distance, through a wooden slit inside the water, divided into a right-wing beam and a left cross, and in the middle of it can cross and cross the river to the opposite side, which is a flat bridge on the The surface of the water, so that its passers can touch the river’s water with their hands.

A specific type of wood, known as Akoya wood, was used in the construction of this bridge. It is worth noting that this bridge was nominated in the year two thousand eleven AD for the famous Dutch Design Award.

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