Mostaganem city

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Mostaganem Province

Mostaganem Province is among 48 states among the states of Algeria, and it takes an administrative symbol No. 27. Its area extends to about 2269 square kilometers, and it takes its center as Mostaganem, with a population of approximately 75,000 people, or 329 people per square kilometer of Where the population density.

Mostaganem’s climate is affected by the sub-continental climate, where it is mild in winter, and records an average precipitation of 350-400 mm annually over the highlands, especially the highlands of Al-Dhahra. The state is classified administratively into ten districts, namely: Mostaganem, Hassi Mamash, Ain Tadlis, Buqairat, Sidi Ali, Ashasha, Ain al-Nuwaisi, Masri, Sidi Lakhdar and Khair al-Din. Each of these districts comes from a number of municipalities, with a total of 32 municipalities.

Mostaganem city

The Algerian city of Mostaganem is located on the coasts overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and this city is unique because it is the only Arab that crosses the Greenwich Line, and the city is located in the western part of the country and separates it from the Spanish beaches less than one hundred and fifty square kilometers, and therefore it is the most geographically close to the European continent .

Mostaganem History

The city is characterized by picturesque landscapes, where the beaches extend for long distances, and its lands are covered with greenery that gives the viewer a breathtaking view, and it is mentioned that the history of the city’s origin dates back to the Roman era, as it bore the name Cartina until the eleventh century and it was given the name Morostag, and then it was subject The famous Turkish naval commander, Khair al-Din Barbarus, had influence over it in 1516 AD, and flourished unprecedented in its history, as it became a commercial port and operations center for this leader, as it came under the control of the Ottoman Empire in 1700 AD, then it moved under the French Mandate in 1832 AD until the country became independent Completed in 1962 AD.


Statistics for the city of Mostaganem in 2008 indicate that its population has reached 145,696 people, and this gradual growth began with a population increase since 1882 when the population was 12,700 people, and the increase continued little by little until it reached what it is now, and the young group is considered to be the most present with it For other age groups, which is 11.04 relative to the total population.

Mostaganem landmarks

Mostaganem includes a number of historical and touristic sights that are considered an important tourist attraction for them, and one of the most important and most attractive points is the passing of the Greenwich Line, as tourists are eager to see the city that the Greenwich Line crosses and to explore what it is closely, and among the most prominent landmarks of the city:

  • Palace of Bey Mohamed the Great.
  • Kharouba Mill.
  • Tabana neighborhood.
  • The ocher of Zaytun ibn Abd al-Malik Ramadan.
  • Sidi Lakhdar Benkhlouf Mosque.
  • Mostaganem city walls.
  • Valley of the Jews.

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