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Istanbul is famous for the first tourist city in Turkey, as it is characterized by a charming nature, and many archaeological and historical monuments, other than that it is famous for the creation of suspended bridges; being located between the continents of Asia and Europe across the Bosphorus, and many rulers who ruled Istanbul have dreamed of finding a way To facilitate the crossing of people and activate the commercial movement between the two banks of Istanbul, and that was through the construction of the so-called Bosphorus Bridge or the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge, and together we will get to know the importance of this bridge to Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular.

Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror Bridge

One of the ideas that pioneered Sultan Abdul Hamid to rise in Turkey was the suspension bridges in Turkey, but there was no clear implementation of these bridges, but with the 1970’s the construction of a suspended bridge linking the European and the Asian part in Istanbul was started to fulfill the dream of this Ottoman Sultan, and this was called The bridge is named after the Bosphorus Bridge, which is the first bridge in Turkey, which is located on the Bosphorus Strait, and connects the city of Ortakoy in the European part and the city of Bilerbi in the Asian part.

Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge site

The width of the first Bosphorus Bridge is thirty-three meters, and the length of the bridge is one thousand five hundred meters, and after two years of its implementation it was opened to cross cars on it, and at that time it witnessed a crowded movement of cars and pedestrians on it, as a result of the increase in the population of Istanbul, which carried this importance in starting the construction of another bridge An alternative to the Bosphorus Bridge, which is Muhammed Al-Fateh Bridge, this bridge is located above the Bosphorus Bridge, and it was called the second Bosphorus Bridge, and was opened in 1988, and its length is 1090 meters, its height is 64 meters from the surface of the water, and from the Earth it reaches 105 meters, i.e. a distance of that distance 164 meters, and the bridge was named after Sultan Muhammed D Al-Fatih to commemorate his glory in opening and liberating the city of Istanbul from the rule of the Byzantine Caliphate, and this bridge was ranked among the longest bridges in the world on the fourteenth place.
The Mohamed Fateh Bridge adds an artistic touch to the water of the Bosphorus Strait, as it was designed by the company that designed the first Bosphorus Bridge, where its colors are reflected at night to shine on the water of the strait, and it allows the passage of ships from under it in a smooth and unimpeded movement, and the cost of constructing this bridge is one hundred Thirty million US dollars, and the first person who crossed this bridge is Turgut Özal who drove his official car, and he was registered as the first person to cross this bridge, and it is mentioned at the beginning of the opening of the bridge that he deducted a small amount from people to cross this bridge.

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