Museum Island, Berlin

المسافرون العرب

Museum Island website

Museuminsel is located in Berlin, in the Mitte district of Germany, specifically in the city center. The island is located on the Spree River, and is home to five museums. It is now considered a historical center of Berlin, and museums occupy the northern half of the island. Access to it from all parts of Berlin, and the layout of the Museum Island depends on the plans of the German architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, which was founded in the era of the Enlightenment, and the five museums are a major part of the Berlin public museums and these museums:

  • Altes Museum, which is the oldest museum on the island and includes Greek and Romen art where the upper floor contains galleries.
  • New Berlin Museum (Neues); it was built from 1843-1947 AD but was destroyed in World War II and rebuilt in 2009 AD. This museum includes artifacts and Egyptian and Etruscan sculptures, especially a bust of Queen Nefertiti.
  • The Old National Gallery Museum (English: Alte Nationalgalerie); built in 1866 CE and featuring 19th-century art.
  • The Bode Museum; construction of the Bode Museum began in 1897 AD and opened in 1904 AD It was called the Kaiser Friedrich Museum, and it displays Byzantine sculptures and artworks.
  • Pergamon Museum (English: Pergamon), a museum of ancient architecture built in 1909-1930 AD, that includes the Pergamon altar and Ishtar Gate in Peblon.

Museum Island in Berlin

The history of museums dates back to the eighteenth century, and the five museums on the island were built between 1824-1930 AD, which is an investigation of a visual project and showcasing the development of museum designs throughout the twentieth century, and each museum was designed to establish an organic connection with art that It includes, and the importance of the collection of museums that follow the development of civilizations throughout the ages is enhanced by the quality of architectural and urban buildings, and the cultural value of museums is linked to its historical role in the design and development of a particular type of building, which is the Museum of Modern Art and Archeology, and thus the Museum Island in Berlin is one of the important and exciting placesThe admiration of the world, which emphasizes that it can not be cultural and architectural values ​​of the five museums, which is witnessing the evolution of civilization season.

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The constituent museums of the island

Museum Island is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage due to the designs of modern museums and their concept that reach all people, as the construction of the first museum began in 1820 AD, which is the Altes Museum, and during the next century four other museums were built, and then the museums were bombed during World War II and destroyed It is currently being rebuilt, and therefore it has been placed under heavy reconstruction. This has closed the Bode Museum and the new Berlin Museum, but the Pergamon Museum is still open to visitors, which is considered one of the most famous museums in the world because of its unique collections and masterpieces of architecture from the Near East.

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Sausage Museum video

Did you know that Germany contains sausage museums !? This is not what we will hear most about it .. so watch the video to know more about it:

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