Muscat, Oman is considered one of the most honorable tourist interfaces, as Muscat embraces many different tourist attractions, which makes it a source to attract many visitors, and we will talk in this article about museums in Oman Muscat.

The most important museums in Muscat, Oman

Oman National Museum

Oman National MuseumThis museum is considered one of the best and most important museums in Oman, and this museum was opened recently in 2016, and this museum includes many holdings dating back to very ancient times, and this museum works to achieve two aspects and the first aspect is that the museum is a center for conservation Precious holdings in order to preserve the Omani heritage and Omani culture, and the second aspect is that the museum be a center for spreading educational awareness, as the Omani National Museum is the first museum to include an educational center.

The contents of the museum

It contains many books and references, in addition to that he adopted the Braille method for the blind, and this museum contains a exhibition hall equipped with sound and light effects using uhd technology, which is one of the unique halls inside museums in Amman, and this museum consists of 14 different exhibition halls in addition to 43 different digital interactive systems.

French Omani Museum

French Omani MuseumMuseums in Oman, Muscat, and this museum was specially built to preserve the precious and valuable gifts that were exchanged between the presidents and rulers of different countries. It is a destination for thousands of visitors annually, and this museum is not limited to gifts, but it differentiates between lifestyle and heavy industries and others of two different civilizations.

The contents of the museum

This museum includes many different halls, which contain between its fairly different civilizational features for each of the Omani people as well as the French people, starting from clothes and the way of dress through the engineering of ships and airplanes up to the design of the military weapon, and the distinction between the two great civilizations, in addition to that it has rare pictures of each of French civilization as well as Omani civilization to show the way of daily life.

The Children’s Museum in Amman

The Children's Museum in AmmanThe museums in Oman MuscatThe Children’s Museum in Oman is considered one of the most important museums in Oman Muscat, as it is one of the unique museums devoted to children only, as this museum works to develop the talents of the child throughout its various educational stages.

The contents of the museum

This museum contains many models of different scholastic scientific experiments, which the child can view and apply within the museum in order to reach the information and academic understanding with complete conviction. It is worth noting that this museum organizes cohorts through the company of the teacher with his pupils to clarify the various information, and provides The museum also has a group of supervisors that help students and clarify all matters while watching different experiences. Therefore, this museum is one of the most important means used to simplify the sciences, and this museum is suitable for all different age groups, so the adult professors and the sister China to go to him to prepare master’s and doctoral theses.

Muscat Armed Forces Museum

Muscat Armed Forces MuseumThis museum is considered one of the most famous museums in the Governorate of Muscat inside Oman, and this museum was opened in December 1988, during the reign of the Sultan and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed, and this museum contains many pictures of different military life and these are The pictures are in different military clothes, as well as weapons, in addition to the different artillery and war mechanisms. The Armed Forces Museum is the only military museum that exists in Oman, which allows the visitor to see Omani history from ancient times before the emergence of Islam, and even modern times, etc. The renaissance of the Renaissance.

The contents of the museum

The museum contains many different exhibition halls, which contain many historical documents and photos that take the visitor to a tour back and show him the various defeats and victories of the Sultanate of Oman, in addition to that the museum contains many different military equipment such as ships, planes, cannons and weapons in the external exhibition, and therefore It is considered one of the most important museums in Oman, Muscat.

Muscat Gate Museum

Muscat Gate MuseumMuseums in Oman, Muscat This museum is considered one of the wonderful museums that exist in Oman and foreigners come to it from most of the parts of the world, as it attracts thousands of visitors annually, and this museum is located on the Muscat Gate, so it was named after this famous gate.

Museum exhibits

This museum displays the ancient history of Oman in general, and the history of Muscat in particular, by presenting various forms of architecture and the tremendous urban progress of Oman through the wonderful mihrabs that exist in mosques, valuable doors and wooden arches and other various models, and this museum provides a simplified explanation of irrigation Al-Aflaj is what Muscat is most famous for in particular and Oman as a whole. This museum allows the visitor to move from the present to the past and differentiate between them, and learn about the ancient history of Muscat. The museum also offers its visitors wonderful views, through the wide stairs leading to the museum gate.

Muscat Natural History Museum

Muscat Natural History MuseumThis museum is considered one of the most important Omani museums, and this museum is located in the capital, Muscat, Oman, in one of the famous areas called Al Khuwair, specifically within the building of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, and this museum includes many different things that represent the lifestyle and these things are displayed Since its appearance on the land of Oman until the present time in its various forms.

Museum exhibits

One of the most important exhibits in the Museum of Natural History in Muscat is the remains of a fossil tree that had been around for millions of years. Scientists have suggested its existence for more than 260 million years ago. This tree has been found in the Al-Haqaf area, in addition to the presence of fossil coral remains dating back to 270 million Last year, in addition to the remains of a tooth decoding of a monkey, and other different remains, the museum also includes a different lifestyle of many reptiles, insects, beautiful butterflies and many other creatures, and the museum also includes a whale hall and this hall is one of the most important halls in this museum showing structures And the skulls of a Whales and others, and this is why this museum is one of the most important museums in Oman, Muscat.

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