The city of Zell am See is one of the most beautiful Austrian cities, because of its wonderful atmosphere throughout the year and its charming view of the blue lake “Zil” along with the diversity of activities in it, it is the second destination for tourists coming to Austria after Vienna, and we will dedicate the talk in this article about museums in Zell am See .

Museums in Zell am See ZELL AM SEE

The city of Zell am See has many museums, which number about 10 museums, which represents a historical exploration and a wonderful adventure to learn the history of the country for all family members.

Stadt Museum

The Stadt Museum, located in the old quarter of Zell am See, in Vogt Tower, receives a number of foreign and Arab tourists coming to the city for comfort and enjoyment, which is a museum that specializes in the local history of the city as well as it is an archive office. Traditional costumes and crafts, as well as information about the Alps, Lake Zell, the stages of development of the region and the Zell am See animals. The Vogt Tower, in which the Stadt Museum is located, is about 1,000 years old, and one of the soldiers’ hideouts was one of the attacks they have been exposed to since its inception, and it is the oldest building in the city, and its visit is enjoyable for tourists in itself.

Museums in Kaprun Kaprun

The museums in the region vary between history, nature, culture and technology, which makes it an attractive program for weekly holidays and rainy days, as the region has a long history and its museums have been developed over the past years and have been preserved for successive generations. There is the Vötter’s Vehicle Museum which focuses on old vehicles and transportation And there is the National Park Gallery and the National Park Museum in Mittersill through which you get to know the exciting world of Hohe Tauern National Park, along with its historical museum, Kaprun Museum.

Kaprun Museum

The Kaprun Museum is located on the old Steinerbaunerhaus farm in the Kirchbachl mountain region, where it stands out like a ghost at night. The first thing you see when you enter the museum is a display of a historical journey of more than 4000 years of history to the Austrian city of Zell am See, which indicates the historical importance of the city and the country of Austria The museum has a guided tour starting from Monday to Friday, as well as a half day on Saturday, starting from 6 pm, and the guide / guide begins with a presentation of books on various selected topics, all of which are related in some way to the city. World War II As witnessed by its exciting historical events attract tourism to it, a great destination for visitors and is one of the best museums in Zell am See.Kaprun Museum - museums in Zell am See ZELL AM SEEKaprun Museum – museums in Zell am See ZELL AM SEE

Tour of the Kaprun Museum

The guide takes you on a tour of the private exhibition and the church attached to it. The tour includes the release of a movie with a Kapron song in the German language, which is one of the village’s most famous songs, as well as a city-specific movie called “Call of the Jungle” which is also in German. Famous tales on the market.

Footer Museum of Cars

The Futter Museum of Cars includes about 200 cars, motorcycles and motorcycles, and models of cars that are manufactured from 1950 AD until 1970 AD, and most of these cars are workable, and it is known that the exhibition cars participate in competitions and exhibitions inside and outside Austria. The Regina group is the most famous in The museum is a scooter gift from the famous car designer Fritz Fendi, and most of the exhibits belong to the Volkswagen factories. The museum was opened in 1996 AD in the basement of the four-star Wuter Hotel, and the museum is an opportunity for car enthusiasts around the world and the ticket price is 7 euros and a discount of 4.5 Euros, And one of the most prominent museums in Zell am See. The Wouter Museum in Kaprun – Zell am See is located on the highest traffic road in Austria, which has been open for years, to create old car enthusiasts and car enthusiasts a wonderful world in the Wouter Museum, where old cars are located in a decent environment that you can see but not forgotten cars , Which is displayed on the highway to watch daily from 10 am to 6 pm.Wouter Museum of Cars - Museums in Zell am See ZELL AM SEEWouter Auto Museum – museums at Zell am See ZELL AM SEE

National Park Museums

Hoh Tauern National Park is located in Mittersill, on the Alps, with an altitude of 3 thousand meters above the sea level, about half an hour from Zell am See by car. The park includes a number of museums and galleries along the park that display information about the construction and natural areas of the Alpine chain And the animals you live in. Huh Tauern includes a museum and exhibition for the animals and plants of the Alps, which is a great destination for all family members as a wonderful excursion inside the mountain. Rare minerals and crystal stones, and the famous eagle-eye panorama, which enables you to view valleys and high mountain peaks as if you are a flying eagle in the sky. The park also includes a special section of the world of water to identify the plants and animals that inhabit the mountainous streams and lakes in the region. The park and its exhibitions receive visitors from nine in the morning Until six in the evening.

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