That visa that everyone can now apply for from the Single Visa Office is the same as other embassies in the same way and in the same procedures, and the difference is only in filling the application online through the Norwegian visa site.

Explain applying for a Norway visa

Enter the Norwegian visa application site.

The user chooses to create a new account.
The registration page will open, for the individual to fill in complete data, and click on Confirm.
The user waits for the activation message on the e-mail, and again enters the Norwegian visa site, with the name of the user who created it and its password.
Citizenship is chosen from outside the European Union.
A page will appear containing many types of visas required to visit Norway, the user determines the type of visa required.
The user presses to agree to the terms in order to complete the request.
The place of application is determined and in the Kingdom, it is only possible to apply from the Norwegian embassy in Riyadh.

Norway visa requirements

There are many purposes for traveling to Norway, and this makes there are different types of visas that can be obtained by Saudi and non-Saudi individuals of all nationalities, whether traveling to study, to visit, to work, or to stay permanently in Norway, so the individual must apply for a varied Schengen visa. For the state of Norway.

Required documents

The visa application form must be completely completed and signed in all specified locations.
Two pictures must be attached, provided that the photo is similar to the passport photo, and the entire face is photographed with a white background, and provided that the image is recent.
The passport must have copies of all previous visas, and it must be valid for at least three months before requesting departure, and it must have at least two blank pages.
You must confirm the dates of travel back and forth, the itinerary and flight numbers that determine the date of entry and exit from the Schengen area, and individuals can use the visa services in that visa, so the person responsible for services in the visa advice can deal with all visa requirements in terms of hotel reservations, the route and others .
A health insurance policy must be purchased during travel to cover any medical emergencies with hospital care and travel back to the country of origin, provided that this policy covers all health insurance expenses that amount to 30 thousand euros, and the amount depends on the number of days of residence, and must be The policy is valid in all Schengen countries. The policy must be purchased before obtaining the visa. If the visa is rejected, the policy can be canceled.
There must be evidence of the place of residence for the duration of the stay in the Schengen area.
It is better for an individual to have a civil status proof such as a marriage certificate, a child’s birth certificate and a husband’s death certificate.
It is necessary to prove the availability of sufficient money to live and reside in the Schengen area, and this varies from place to place.

Additional documents if the traveler is an employee

job contract.
Bring a current bank statement for at least 6 months.
Bring permission to leave from the employer.
The necessity of having an income tax return form, in addition to the salary tax deduction certificate.

In the event that the traveler is an employer

Bring a copy of his commercial license.
Bring a company bank statement for at least 6 months.
Bring income tax returns.

In case the traveler is a student

Evidence of enrollment must be brought in at school or university.
Bring a certificate proving that the school or university is not reluctant to travel.
If the traveler is retired:
The statement of pensions must be brought in for at least 6 months.

Note in documents

The embassy may at times require that proof of regular revenue generated from the property be sent for at least 6 months, and all necessary documents are attached to the application form after it is signed, and it is delivered personally to the embassy, ​​consulate or its representative in the traveler’s home.

Schengen tourist visa for Norway

The invitation letter must be brought, and mention the address and phone number of a family member or sponsor, if necessary.

A bank account statement in the last six months.
Copies of the passport.

Norway visa for commercial purposes

The invitation letter must be brought from the Norwegian company that the individual will visit and its detailed address in Norway, and mention the dates of the visit.
Bring a certificate from the business owner allowing travel for the purpose of business.
In the case of previous commercial relations between the two companies, evidence of such relations must be provided.
Bring a commercial bank statement for the last six months.
Bring the company’s articles of association and articles of association in an original, certified and registered copy of the joint-stock companies.
A letter confirming the covering of expenses and expenses from the applicant during the period of stay in the Schengen area.

Norwegian embassy requests for visas

Valid passport.
Recent personal photos.
Travel insurance.
Pictures of reservations for hotels and flights.
Account statement or credit card copy.
Know who to work.
Number of the Norwegian Embassy in the Joint Visa Office: 920002164 Email:

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