Before traveling to South Korea, I looked for topics that could benefit me, but I did not have complete information, so I wanted to benefit people because I would not like and I don’t know anything.
There are people in the hotel, may God reward them with good things. I have benefited from them with some things. And thank God I ask any Emirati and he will tell you someone to shorten you and God heals their patients and all the sick Muslims
South Korea is the third country in economic and civil growth in Asia and also the seventh country in Asian tourism
Visa from the airport
On the plane, they give you three cards
The first disease-free day is the aspiration of the pilot in a body temperature meter
The second card. If you have food or dried meat, write. I don’t know if you are shalen, but it’s good. God willing, they will not stop you.
The third is the Visa card. You have the hotel address, because you write it in the little paper
Seoul or Seoul
Foreigners call it Seoul, and the Arabs call it Seoul, with a population of about 10 million, and it is the seventh city in urban development after Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Shanghai Bangkok
Their currency colors
To relax your age, the same color of the dollar is approximately 3.6 dollars, the colors of 3.4 are almost because it comes down and rises
Life in Seoul itself in Tokyo or Singapore is very precious, we can call it Asian Europe the same Dubai, but Dubai has cheap places and expensive places

Housing in Seoul
the hotel
The Emiratis gathered in two hotels. In statement 1 and the freezer of the two hotels, just some of me lived in the statement, a three-bedroom apartment, a kitchen, a spacious hall, and two bathrooms. They honored the bathrooms, so they could not hold the hand, but they had a second shattaf
The apartment has a large refrigerator, the wall of each cooking kit is present, and in a washing machine, iron and TV, it is limited to some channels, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
And you are in the hotel, you get the children who come, come down, feel a beautiful Emirati atmosphere in the place, and the embassy did not rent an apartment on the eighth floor, and it turned it into a real room, and there was a coffee and a bakery under the building
The problem of life in Seoul is eating halal food in a restaurant in the hotel is halal, and in one km, it equals a shawarma around the hotel, meaning you walk how many days. The meal of living and chicken 45,000 means 45 dollars 150 dirhams, and the Korean food is not permissible because they are not the people of the book like the Jews or Christ, who can eat for them as necessary
I mean, eating them is forbidden. It is permissible to eat from eating them, even when necessary. I mean, you can cook better. See everything in the country. They have them, but dear. I mean a bean box of 14 dirhams is the best deal from the country. If you have an extra weight like
Abu Qaws milk
It means the whole group without meat and meat
Halal meat and chicken are in the Arab neighborhood, the chicken is about 4,500, and that means 15 dirhams, and in the problem of the Lebanese news, they do not have the Totta Zain bread if they serve Arabic bread
Vegetables and fruits are available, but they are expensive, meaning 6 grains, 18 dirhams, tomatoes, 25 watermelons, 70 dirhams, but this is in the summer.
And in his job, they will give you one bag only, and if he repents a second bag, you pay money
And in it, just the hotel has green shops, with your news on the map
Arab Street (Ituan), or the Street of Foreigners, is about five kilometers from the hotel, which includes Arab or Indian shops and restaurants, such as
Dubai Restaurant.
Arabesque Restaurant
Al Basha Restaurant
In halal restaurants, he supported the mosque’s fairness to his Saudi girl, may God reward them
Itwan Street has American support because in the military base, justice, Itwan has the right to bars in the street, meaning morning or afternoon. Come and take your life from the best Arab stores.
Medical attaché in Itoan Street if you defraud them in something
The spirit of Eto’an Street is in phone shops. You can see a card, but your passport is needed with you now. The number is registered in the name of the passport, and if you go out from Korea they cut the phone along, do not leave all the numbers in one name, each one with his number and install it in your phone. Emirates money works normally, which means what Korea phone needs. In a new report
If you are at the expense of the state
The hospital is responsible for your delivery from the hotel, the hospital, and vice versa, even from the airport. They are the pipeclin of the hotel. They reserve you, the hotel, but on your account today at 770 dirhams.
God extends the life of the elders and the state does not limit itself to something that goes down to the patient on the day 250,000, about 900 dirhams and the accompanying 250,000 go into your account every Thursday while they arrive. More, but you can use it as normal

the bank
In several colors for the orange, white and lead taxis, they open the counter at 3000 won
And black on 5000 wan
Available buses, trains, or metro stations, so there are rentals for rent. I mean, all kinds of transportation exist, but I need to know the station that you want. It can be more expensive than taxi.
Korin loves coffee unnaturally, and where do you go, get more coffee mugs than juice?
You have 7eleven
You have a GS25
In a grocery store called c4u, you will have milk, yoghurt, juice, and sweets for them, but you will not take meals from them because they have pork meat and the advice of the first dead people. In your cartons and your slips, you need to stick what you have, but you affix your cartons and paralyze them. Now the taxi is what you are looking for. The association means relaxation so as not to paralyze

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