The schedule of my trip to America and the best places for tourism in America in detail, visiting the United States of America and spending a fun time and a long or short trip in it is something that many people from all countries of the world wish and dream about doing, but before you pack your luggage and book your ticket you have to know the most important and most beautiful The places that you can visit, as well as you have to know how to travel and the most important advice in order to enjoy this trip as well as the cost of this trip, so we decided to take with us on our trip to America in order to get to know all of that.

My trip to America:

  • First you should know that the flight is very long as it takes more than 20 hours of flight from Egypt, as well as there is no direct flight from Egypt to America to with EgyptAir, and the cost of the airline ticket is in the range of a thousand dollars and varies according to the date.

San Francisco Tourism:

  • First, I suggest that you visit San Francisco, you will find pleasure between forests, mountains, and beaches, as it is truly wonderful and there is everything you want in one place, and you can also listen to all the places in it within two or three days, and it is preferable that you rent an Arabic that is inexpensive only 200
  • Dollars a week, but it will save you a lot of time and rest, and you can visit the western beach or take a safari trip between mountains and forests.

Visit Hollywood:

As for Hollywood, it is a magic and a special character as it has a magical beauty that takes you to a world far from imagination, visual and auditory deception and why not while you are in the cinema legend, and you can visit Los Angeles and visit the Hollywood Museum in order to enjoy taking memorial photos with the artists and know their works, This place is dedicated to entering the heart of the event and movie industry.

Disneyland Visit:

  • If you are a fan of entertainment and games and adventure enthusiasts, you should visit Disneyland as you cannot come to the United States without visiting Disneyland, which is located in eastern Los Angeles, and you can listen to a collection of stories about childhood and flip through the story pages Fictional.
  • But if you have children, they will be very happy with this trip, and you can ride one of the fast spiral trains, but this is for those with strong hearts only. If your heart is dead, you can enter into a house of terror, and you can spend a magical day between enjoying adventure and returning to childhood.

Las Vegas Visit:

  • Certainly when visiting the United States, we cannot forget to visit Las Vegas in order to enjoy, play and adventure, as this charming city is characterized by a magical and moderate climate due to its proximity to water and energy fountains, and this region is the most expensive, most beautiful and richest region in the United States and is called the Kingdom of Money .
  • You can enjoy watching the dancing fountain, which offers a group of water shows during the day, but at evening, this fountain turns into a game of water, light and sound together, and you can look at the Eiffel Tower and of course comes to your mind the French Eiffel Tower, but this is the mini version of it.
  • If you like walking, you can go to a group of the finest fashion houses, in which you will find a group of international brands and you can buy all what you need, and you can also buy a set of souvenirs.

Hollywood Billboard:

  • The meaning of the word Hollywood is the lush tree forest, but the story of the billboard is of a special nature, as this tablet was initially for marketing but then it became a tourist attraction and many people come to photograph next to this billboard.
  • In the end, you should not forget to shop, as it is unreasonable to go to the United States of America without shopping, but you must do a calculation of the weight allowed in the plane and in the end I wish you a happy trip and follow the meaning of the upcoming trips.

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