Details of the program for my trip to Austria, Austria is considered the beating heart of Europe, it is one of the landlocked mountain countries, as it is bordered to the north by both the states of Germany and the Czech Republic while from the south it is bordered by Italy and Slovenia and from the west there are the states of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Austria includes large areas of forests and includes seven States, and is considered one of the rich countries in the world.
As for the official language in the country, it is the German language, where the majority of its people speak it, in addition to the presence of other languages ​​such as Hungarian and Serbian, and Christianity is considered an official religion in the country, besides that there are many other religions, and Austria cherishes the history of its history as a heavenly paradise on the planet, so It is an ideal interface for all lovers of tourist places and picturesque nature, and you have more information about it on Arab travelers.

Things to know before traveling to Austria:

  • Austria is among the European countries that are linked to the Schengen system, so it is necessary to obtain a Schengen visa.
  • As for living and living expenses, the average expenditure per day is 150 euros.
  • It is characterized by the varied weather in it, where its weather tends to be moderate in the spring and autumn, and the temperatures in the summer during the day may reach 27 degrees, while in the winter it snows and activates the sport of skiing.
  • The people of Austria are distinguished by their friendly, loving people and they are always welcoming them, and there is a large group of them who speak English.
  • The train travel experience is an ideal way to have fun exploring the different cities and towns in Austria, because the trains are comfortable and economical, as well as Austria has a huge network of railways that connect it to all European cities.
  • The day in Austria is long, which gives more chances to visit more places there.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Austria:

  • Vienna City:

It is the capital of Austria and is famous for the beauty of its air as its meaning in Latin is the land of the gentle breeze, and is considered the largest city in Austria, and it is distinguished by its many green spaces and ancient antique palaces that tell about the beauty of the architecture there, and one of the most prominent palaces in it is the Emperor Hofburg Palace, which was It is the seat of emperors and kings of the ancient Romen Empire and it is called the Winter Palace while the Shanbrunn is called the Summer Palace.
The Palace of the Shanbrunn Palace, which includes 8 sections and also includes an elegant zoo. You can visit the Danube Tower and the garden that follows it, passing through the cafes of the Danube River and the Prater Amusement Park, which is one of the great entertainment destinations that is preferred to visit after seven o’clock in the evening. The European squares where St. Stephen’s Cathedral is located near it include many cafes and clothing stores, where festivals and parades are held, and musicians and playlists are frequent, and a number of monuments that are far from Vienna can be visited, such as the pedestrian market – Maria Helfer and the visit of maga Water park, a palace of Luxembourg and its garden.

  • Salzburg:

Three hours away from Vienna by train, in that small city you do not need to use any of the various means of transportation, and it includes a number of the most beautiful tourist attractions such as the ancient Salzrug Castle, which is located at the top of a mountain, and the Salzik River, which gives the city a romantic character as it mediates it and makes it difficult. To describe, you can enjoy a wonderful Nile cruise through the boat in the middle of the sea. You can visit the pedestrian market and the old city where restaurants, antiques shops, cafes and markets abound. LYNDSAY.

  • Graz:

It is the administrative capital of Austria and belongs to the state of Styria, and ranks second after Vienna in terms of area and number of Romen ruins scattered throughout the city, and Graz is the ancient city of the Romens as it served as a castle protecting them.

  • Lintz:

This city, which is considered one of the most important cities in the northern part of Austria and described as the city that does not sleep, where the Danube passes, and is one of the most prominent commercial Austrian cities where work is frequent and attract large numbers of tourists.

  • Zell am See:

Where to wander by boat in the center of Lake Zell am See and enjoy a lot of water games such as windsurfing and electric boats, banana, pedals and others, or go to the village of Salvelden to enjoy the summer sleigh, or climb up the top of the Snow Stein Horn mountain, or ride a cable car to climb to the top of two Schmittian identity.

  • The city of Innsbruck diaspora:

It is an ancient medieval city, surrounded by many snow-covered mountains. This city is characterized by its antique architecture, and it includes many streets and shops, and among its highlights is the golden roof that was specially built for the Romen Emperor Maximilian I.

  • Alpine road:

This road is the first choice for every adventure lover, as the beauty is breathtaking when looking at the nature that conquered the impossible, and when seeing Austria from the highest peaks of the Alps, this path is opened from May to October, and this way you can visit the Joseph Palace.

Best entertainment places for children in Austria:

  • Zoom Children’s Museum in Vienna:

Which includes many games and recreational and educational activities that help develop children’s mental abilities as well as encourage them to be creative and drawing.

  • Schonbrunn Palace:

Where entertaining games and running in the palace gardens belonging to the valuable and interesting information and recreational and educational activities that are provided for children.

  • Prater Amusement Park:

It is the oldest amusement park in Vienna, which is very popular throughout the week, as it includes many distinguished games suitable for adults and children, as well as it includes a number of wide green spaces.

  • Vienna Zoo:

It is part of the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace, and includes many pets and amusement, which number more than 700 species of animals and predators.

  • Vienna Chocolate Museum:

There, children enjoy savoring the finest chocolate and their favorite desserts.

  • Butterflies house:

Where you can see hundreds of types of butterflies of all colors and shapes and can play with them.

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