My trip to Brazil – Brazil’s most beautiful landmark during the Rio Olympics

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My trip to Brazil

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has gained international fame as the ideal destination for celebrations and sporting events thanks to its unique charm, beautiful nature and stunning beaches overlooking the waters of the blue South Atlantic Ocean. Day and night attractions, incredible attractions, delicious local cuisine, culture and friendly people, all make Rio de Janeiro an ideal destination to visit throughout the year.
This year, the city will be on a date with the launch of one of the most important sporting competitions in the world, namely the 2016 Summer Olympics and the Paralympic Games. The “Rio 2016” launch will take place on August 5 and will last until August 21, with the participation of athletes from 206 countries around the world, to compete for gold, silver and bronze medals and break records.
This 17-day tournament has a history of victories, wins and records, and 10500 athletes from all over the world will compete in this year 42 Olympic games, including football, basketball, beach ball, swimming, boxing, badminton, athletics, etc., and a total of medals total of 306 A medal for all of those games. Two new games have been added this year, Golf and Rugby. These games will be played in 32 different locations in the city, specifically in four regions: Maracana, Deodoro, Copacabana and Para. Meanwhile, football matches will be held in Rio de Janeiro Stadium, Manaus Stadium, Salvador Stadium, Sao Paulo Stadium, Brasilia Stadium and Belo Horizonte Stadium. It is reported that this is the first time that a South American country hosts the Olympic Games.
During your vacation in Rio, you can enjoy visiting the most important landmarks of the city, wandering its streets, learning about its history, eating the best Brazilian food and walking in the city.
Tourism in Brazil

My trip to Brazil – my trip to Rio de Janeiro

In Barra, there are 15 sports centers, including the Olympic Stadium, Aquatic Center, Rio Olympic Center and Olympic Tennis Center. After watching swimming and tennis matches in this area, you can go on a tour of the Pedra Bonita area of ​​Tijuca National Park, which is famous for its sweeping views of the city. Sports and adventure enthusiasts are waiting for them to experience skydiving in the Pedra Pontia area. Grumari is also one of the beautiful areas of the city thanks to its picturesque beaches and surfing activities and there are the best local restaurants that serve local cuisine, while Barra da Tijuca beach is one of the beautiful and quiet beaches that people intend for recreation.
And in the Deodoro area there are some important venues such as the BMX (Mountain Bikes) Olympic Center, the Olympic Hockey Center and the Olympic Shooting Center, where you can watch what you like about these sports. During your spare time, you can go to the Aerospace Museum, which is one of the unique museums documenting the history of aviation in Brazil. Also notable is the Gilberto Gil Center, the main cultural center in this region, and it offers several cultural activities such as capoeira martial arts and ballet shows, workshops, art galleries, drawing exhibitions, art paintings and plays.
As for the Maracana district, it includes the famous Olympic Stadium, in addition to the Maracana stadium, which is the most amazing Brazilian stadium ever, and has a special place in the hearts of the Brazilians because it is the place that witnessed historical moments in the world of football, such as the registration of legend Pele with his goal of one thousand, and two final matches were held for the World Cup in Years 1950 and 2014. This stadium is expected to host the opening and closing ceremonies of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics as well as the final of the Olympic Football Tournament. The Maracana Stadium houses many galleries and museums that highlight the history of football in Brazil and its development stages.
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Cinelandia is the entertainment and cultural district of the city where you can visit the Municipal Theater, the National Museum of Fine Arts and the National Library in addition to many restaurants and cafes, while the Lapa region is the best for night activities and live concerts. Cinelandia also includes the Sampodromo Theater, the most prominent and famous Brazilian monument in Rio, designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Neymar, one of the pioneers of modern architecture and designer of the current building of the United Nations in New York. In addition to all this, many festivals, annual celebrations and cultural events take place in Sampodromo.

My trip to Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro is tourism

The Alimao cable car is one of the city’s great means of transportation, with passengers enjoying stunning views of Rio’s attractions, such as the Nossa Senora do Pinhei Church, Sugarloaf Mountain, Olympic Stadium, Rio-Nitero Bridge and Rio International Airport. From the outside, the Vera do São Cristóvão center looks like a football stadium, but it is dedicated to holding festivals and cultural and cultural events and has more than 700 booths selling art, handicrafts, folklore, folklore and many music shows.
As for the Copacabana neighborhood, it has 4 Olympic competition centers, including a beach volleyball court. In addition, this neighborhood is famous for a wonderful beach extending for four kilometers, and provides visitors with the opportunity to swim, dive, recreation and play beach volleyball and football. You can also see the statue of “Savior Christ” on top of Corcovado Mountain, an area worth visiting in Rio during leisure.
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Also don’t miss the opportunity to visit the huge Flamingo Park, which was built through a project to reclaim marine lands. This park is filled with pruning ornamental trees along with skating rinks, jogging and cycling trails, and the beautiful “Lagua Rodrigo de Freitas” lake is an ideal destination for attending music shows, hiking and various activities such as biking and rowing boats. The park also includes botanical gardens in which tree species and local plants are arranged according to their scientific classification among the pools of water, fountains, statues and shaded places. You can also enjoy magical views of the Sugarloaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay in the trendy neighborhood of Okra.
This summer, one of the most important sports competitions in the world meets the most beautiful beach tourist destinations of its kind in one place, which is Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, we advise you to book flights and hotels in Rio before an appropriate period so that you will be part of the international sporting event “Rio 2016 Olympic Games”.


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