My trip to Ethiopia with pictures

المسافرون العرب

The current article from Arab travelers reviews the details of my trip to Ethiopia, which was based on visiting the most beautiful natural landmarks due to my affiliation with adventure lovers and lovers of exploring natural landmarks. Before I start it is worth noting that it is worth noting that my enjoyment of my trip relied heavily on her to learn the most important information about natural monuments in Ethiopia Then choosing the right hotel for me, using the location of Trivago.

My trip to Ethiopia with pictures

My trip to Ethiopia with pictures - My trip to Ethiopia with pictures
I chose to start my trip with a visit to Bahr Dar and the beginning was distinctive in Lake Tana and there I preferred to explore the lake by boat and enjoyed a lot of seeing a lot of animals as I went through the experience of feeding many birds in addition to that I spent a great time exploring its picturesque islands which, despite including a number of monuments that I attracted the attention of many visitors, but I was satisfied with just watching them from a distance, and it took a whole day of my vacation, so I went exhausted to my hotel and went to a deep sleep until I woke up early in the morning of activity and enthusiasm to explore the Blue Nile waterfalls that were devoted to it on the second day of My leave was over but before I started I had a delicious breakfast from the Ethiopian cuisine and my meal was a duru wett sandwich (anjira bread stuffed with carrots, potatoes and thick sauce). After that, I set out to explore the waterfalls that made me forget the passage of time due to its extreme horror, and I spent most of the time wandering around and listening to the sound of its water flowing and enjoying the enchanting natural scenery surrounding it, which I used to remember the details of my visit to, to support my ability to clear my mind.
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I spent the third and last day of my vacation in Ethiopia visiting Lake Awasa, where I decided to go fishing in the first time in my life, and although I did not stand up to this experience more than an hour, it was a fun experience during which I met an Ethiopian girl skilled in fishing who taught me the foundations of fishing She also helped me to fish something and we enjoyed eating it in addition to that she guided me to a lot of interesting information about customs and traditions in Ethiopia and eventually she took me to the picturesque Mount Antoo which we reached the summit and we explored it together and at the end of the day it is time to leave so I went back to the hotel to take my bags or else Divorce to the airport.
1581260337 413 My trip to Ethiopia with pictures - My trip to Ethiopia with pictures 1581260337 196 My trip to Ethiopia with pictures - My trip to Ethiopia with pictures
Note that Ethiopia has many attractions that the following articles will help you in identifying the best ones.

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