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My trip to Georgia in detail

A wonderful integrated tourism program guide for Georgia, as one of the tourism lovers, I care a lot about learning a lot about the best tourist places in the world; and to be more accurate natural tourism places in particular; thus, I drew my attention to Georgia for its richness in the various natural tourist attractions between parks, caves, and valleys; I learned more about these attractions as my passion grew to explore it myself; until I decided to go on a trip on my own without planning from any tourist company; I wanted to take an exciting adventure in that country, which represents me a safe haven in the arms of nature; and that trip was Munaf For trips I’ve made in my life; so I decided to your post in detail on the site of Arab travelers during my trip an article in Georgia in detail.

My trip to Georgia in detail

My visit to Tbilisi Zoo

Since I am a fan of animals, I decided to stay in a location near my first destination in Georgia, which is the Tbilisi Zoo. A visit to that park was a great start to my trip, where I stayed in the distinctive hotel Tiflexux, and there I visited the official website of the park to know the most accurate details about it and know the best of I can do it there, and from the intensity of my enthusiasm I visited it since the time it started to work at 10 am and I only left when it closed its doors at 6 pm; I enjoyed watching many popular and rare picturesque animals, but my time ran out and I could not see all the animals; and during that Time I had delicious food and drinks from the stalls available in the garden. I laughed from the bottom of my heart when watching circus shows, and also bought some souvenirs.

My adventure in the park of Mtatsminda

After enjoying the animals in the peacefulness of the garden, I longed for a kind of loud pleasure and found my refuge in the Mtatsminda amusement park, which is located on Mt. Mtatsminda, which is 770 meters high, and has a lifespan of more than 100 years. To the height of excitement and the willingness to immerse myself in the fun of cabarets to the extent that words do not meet them right; one of those experiences was the most enjoyable ride of the enormous Ferris wheel and the high-speed express train; Georgian, which I had never tried before; that moment marked the beginning of my dishes in that kitchen on my favorite menu; of course, in the midst of that I did not feel the passage of time until it was time to close the clubs, and I had to end my adventure in it.

Relax in the National Botanical Garden

It was the first two days of two excursions at the top of the excitement so I needed to relax and immediately I immediately came to mind the National Botanical Garden and spent my night at the Casey Hotel due to its proximity to it; In the south of Mount Sololaki, it includes an awesome number of picturesque plants, in addition to a waterfall and several streams, and I actually spent the whole day today from the intensity of my feeling of overwhelming happiness, and deep relaxation like a child who did not know the odds one day; it was a time on another planet far from the noise of ideas and the demands of aspirations So it is one of the first places that I plan to return them as soon as possible leave.

My adventure in the Okatsi Valley

I wanted a unique mixture of relaxation and excitement, and I found what I found in the Okatsi Valley in the center of Kutaisi, which includes a lot of charming waterfalls, and which has captivated me since watching its pictures; Looking at its glamorous rivers, I passed through its waters in rubber boats, wandering among its picturesque trees, and moved between its wooden bridges and its distinctive paths; and so the whole day passed as a beautiful dream.

My adventure in the garden of May 6

As a natural lover, I couldn’t restrain my desire to visit the May 6 Park, especially after knowing that it contained the Delvarenum Batumi; I packed my bags and set out for them; and like all my previous adventures in Georgia, this garden exceeded my expectations; I was purified by hiking in the vast green areas crowned with a lake in the middle of it as the royal crown The upscale; my heart was pleased to see trained dolphins shows at the highest level as if they were magical creatures doing super amazing performances;

End of the trip

I decided to end my trip by visiting the Prometheus Cave in Kutaisi, which is actually the phrase of 6 intertwined caves featuring many unique rocks and calcified sediments as well as petrified waterfalls; and during my trip I was accompanied by an English-speaking guide; and I met commemorative photos to document my journey in concrete terms to enhance My pleasure when thinking about my memories in Georgia that I cannot forget about what I lived; and just before the departure time, I went on a picnic with a stylish boat on a unique trip in the river inside the earth; and despite the fact that this picnic took only a quarter of an hour, it passed as a few seconds of the intensity of my immersion in the scene Majestic.
It can be said that this trip is one of the most wonderful trips in my life; even after its completion it is still a source of happiness in my life, as by thinking about it it is known for happiness and renewed spiritual activity and mental energy; if you like my trip, you can try it yourself and also share your experience by writing a reply to this article .

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