Report on my trip to Mauritius and the best tourist programs on the island of Mauritius, which is one of the most beautiful global islands, which has witnessed a large turnout during the recent period, especially for honeymooning, as it is charming in its beauty and its location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 2000 miles from the south coast East Africa, and there are many places that you can enjoy during the trip as it is relatively cheap flights compared to other islands, so we will take you with us on a trip to Mauritius.

My trip to Mauritius:

There are a lot of tourist places that you can enjoy in your life, as you can enjoy the beauty of nature, tropical forests and high mountains, but if you are looking for relaxation, tranquility and comfort, you can book in one of the very quiet areas near the sea with the possibility of enjoying the sea, sun and weather Fun feast all year round.

As for the best places that you can enjoy on the island of Mauritius, they are as follows:

1- Grand Bay Island:

This island is the most beautiful you can go to in Mauritius as it can spend your night between a group of sounds and forms of rare birds, and also if you are a fan of shopping, you can take a marketing tour in order to buy all your needs.
There are many activities that you can do in Grand Bay and among these activities are:
  • You can spend a fun day at the beach with you and your family, as swimming there is very safe where the calm wave.
  • You can go surfing and surfing, you can enjoy deep sea fishing for boat trips, and you can shop in a large group of stores for gifts, clothes and other things.

2- Spend a fun day in the village of Shammarel:

Shammarel is a village located near the Black River in the heart of Mauritius, and when you go to this village you can enjoy watching the seven-color sand dunes that embrace together in a beautiful picture and a wonderful painting, and this area is called the land of the seven colors and is very popular, And you can enjoy a wonderful safari trip that begins in red and ends in orange, which embraces in a wonderful painting.
As for if you want to rest after this trip, you can spend your night in Le Prince Hotel, which is classified as one of the most beautiful hotels in Mauritius, as it provides 7-star service. As for the distinctive food, you can eat breakfast at the hotel’s private beach, and I advise you to try a tomato eggs.

3- Enjoying a day in the Le Château region:

This region is one of the most beautiful areas that you can see and visit in your life, as it is a homogeneous mixture of museums, gardens, restaurants, shops and other tourist attractions, all of which were built on the new italyn architecture.

4- Spending a day in Le Morne Brabant:

If you are a heritage lover and a lover of archaeological sites, you should not miss the opportunity to spend a day in the area of ​​Le Morne, and this region is located on a basaltic rock that rises about 1821 feet above the sea, surrounded by a group of lakes, and also includes a rare group of rare plant species You will only find it in this region.

5- As for your last day on this trip, you can spend it in the Black River Gorges:

It is a large national park in the region of Mauritius and spread over a very large area and is one of the most beautiful natural areas as this region is a place for eye treatment, you can see in this region the deer rosa as well as the Chinese guava and the warmth, the fox and birds and the pink bath, has been announced This region as a national park in the year 1994 AD.
Dear reader, we hope that you have enjoyed this short trip with us, during which we went to the Mauritius region and together we enjoyed our trip to Mauritius.

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