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The country of Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the continent of Europe, but rather one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and there are a large number of tourist attractions that you can enjoy with you and your family, as it contains within it a large number of picturesque and very distinctive tourist attractions, and if you travel To Spain you should not miss the opportunity to eat in a restaurant as Spanish eating is the most beautiful eating, so we will go on a quick trip to Spain.

Report on my trip to Spain:

1- The first day of the trip:

During the first day of your trip, you can visit the Del Prado Museum, which is one of the largest museums in Spain, and you can also learn about the history of Spain and the most famous artists in it, and you can also see a group of jewelry, golden artifacts and rare porcelain pieces that will not You can find it only in the Del Prado Museum, so do not miss to visit the museum, as the museum ticket price is not large, it is only 14 euros.

2- The second day of the trip:

Visiting the Royal Palace in Madrid, dear reader, if you go to visit Spain, do not miss the visit of the Royal Museum in Madrid, as it is one of the most beautiful places that you can see all over the world, as it contains many luxurious and rare statues inside it, hoping for decorations that cover The walls are really cool and you won’t see them anymore and never miss an opportunity to take a number of great photos.
After that, you can visit “Puerta del Sol Square” in order to enjoy times of fun and happiness with your family in the largest square in Spain, and you can also roam the streets at night in order to enjoy buying souvenirs that you will only find there, and do not miss The chance to get an hour from there is a masterpiece.

3- The third day of the trip:

On this day, you can spend a day of pure entertainment in order to enjoy the many entertainment cities that spread in the capital, Madrid, where you can live a full day of pleasure, pleasure and joy with your family in the “Warner Bros” park, which is one of the most beautiful clubs and you can listen to a group Great games like rocket and wheelchair game are perfect for your kids.
But if you are a fan of cartoon characters, you can enter the Scooby-Doo area. After you finish the recreational day in the cabarets during the day, you can go in the evening in order to have dinner in the “Zahra” restaurant, which is one of the very distinctive restaurants And very famous, which offers a wide range of distinctive Arabic foods, such as grills, appetizers, and a wide variety of foods.

4- The fourth day of the trip:

As for the fourth day of the trip, you will feel exhausted as a result of spending an exciting day in the cabarets, so we advise you to spend a day in the Museum of Barcelona’s History, which tells you the history of Barcelona from the ancient Roman eras until this moment. The museum displays a large number of artifacts and excavations Which extends to thousands of years.
After that you can visit the Palace of Joel, which tells you the history of the State of Spain, and you can take a large number of memorial photos in this palace, which offers a collection of holdings that you will only find in this museum as it is relatively cheap as the ticket price does not exceed 10 euros.

5- The fifth day of the trip:

You can visit the Jewel Park, which you will enjoy a lot, especially if you have children, as this garden includes a variety of birds and domestic animals as well as a rare group of endangered animals, and this trip is a relatively cheap trip as the price The ticket is no more than 5 euros for children and 8 euros for adults.

6- The sixth day of the trip:

On this day you can visit “Catalonia Square” which is one of the largest squares in Spain, and this square is one of the very special places in Spain as it is close to many famous tourist places such as “Gothic Quarter in Barcelona” This neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona, ​​so do not miss the opportunity to go to this neighborhood.
Then you can go to the streets of Spain in order to make a free tour of the streets of Spain in order to buy a set of souvenirs for you and your family.


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