The program for my trip to the italyn north and the most beautiful tourist places in Italy. I think that after reading the journey of the Arab travelers through the italyn north, you will pack your luggage and immediately go there.

My trip to the italyn north

The italyn north is one of the best trips I have seen, seeing rivers, valleys and trees, it contains magic and beauty, and the distinguished location is also one of the closest places to Austria.

Itinerary for the italyn north

Initially, we headed to the E66 road and passed through the road with many picturesque attractions until we reached the italyn village of San Candido and our first day was as follows:
  • We boarded a cable car from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon in the village of Vipiteno.
  • We strolled the pedestrianized streets of Center in Vipiteno.
  • Then we went to the beautiful and beautiful lake of Vladura, around which both the excursion and all the tourists to the north of Italy wrapped around the lake.
  • Until six o’clock in the evening, we went to the beautiful village of Dobbiaco.
  • In the end, we ate in Dobiakou charcoal pizza, which is very different from the one we have eaten before.
  • the second day

  • We wrapped around Lake Cadore and the most beautiful hotels in it were Albergo Cavallino, Villagia Hotel, and Antiglio Dolmett.
  • We explored the areas around the lake to find the beautiful mountains around it with colorful colors. We also visited Oronso, its river, and its lake.
  • And in Oronzo, we made the summer sled that you can take your children or friends and enjoy, as it controls the general atmosphere of laughter, fun and joy.
  • And here he came, eating. We went to the bar tre cime restaurant to eat the chicken burger and enjoyed the restaurant’s views, because the trees, roses and small lakes surrounded the sides of the place.
  • the third day

  • One of the itineraries was to go to lake misurina
  • Through my best experience when you go to that lake in order to Grand Hotel, Albergo Dolomites understand that one of the best available places that you can find all the comfort and relaxation there and all you are looking for from the decorations and excellent service.
  • After sleeping for several hours, we visited the drei zinnen, which is full of alpine-like mountains, land full of trees and grains, amid pieces of white dunes that create a dreamy and romantic setting.
  • Then we ran to the bus and went in a hurry to the village of Cortina D’Ambedzo, it is a city of the rich, it is approximately two hours from the italyn city of Venice, where it reaches a height of 1210 meters from the sea and we found a large number of tourists, especially lovers of skiing, and found the Olympic Games City For the year 1956.
  • When we felt a little tired we went to find a hotel to rest with a little time, and while searching for comfort I found that the best hotels in Cortina d’Ampezzo are the Savoia Hotel, Rosa Pizza Resort, Cristallo Golf Resort and their calm atmosphere and privacy.
  • From the hotel to seeing the village of San Candido, where shopping and strolling through its distinctive streets.
  • the fourth day

  • We went in the Hubertus Hotel, where the wonderful view that is unparalleled in the entire italyn north. The merging of mountains with greenery had a strong reality on the hearts of everyone.
  • We went at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon to a lake and a waterfall called Price, and we moved in it by a solid boat for an hour and watch the torrential water flowing and watching the trees.
  • Then we reached the mountain pass giau pass, and we found that the land in this pass is made of palm trees, and the walls of the corridor cover the mountains that stick together.
  • After that we went to the hotel again and packed our luggage and this was one of the most beautiful trips that I have taken and I always advise everyone to visit it because it has the power of God Almighty _ and also because it is fun and distinctive.

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