In the next article, we will show you the most important names of airports in India and their codes, but at first you have some information about the Republic of India and its capital, New Delhi. It is the Indian rupee, and the abbreviation of the Republic of India stands for Rs, and is registered from within the country belonging to the United Nations Security Council and the founder of international development and the Commonwealth of Nations, and in the following lines, the Arab travelers will display the most important airports of India, its location and its codes.

The names of India airports

Airport names and location

  • Cochin Airport: And located in Kerala, in particular, the city of Kochi.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport: Location in Mumbai, India.
  • Hopley Airport: It is located in Karnataka, specifically Hubley.
  • Calicut Airport: It is located in the city of Malappuram, India.
  • Chennai International Airport: Located in the city of Chennai.
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport: It is located in Delhi, India.

Other airports located in the Republic of India:
Jezbera Airport, Mumbai Airport, Hyderabad Airport, Hippo Airport, Banna Airport, Kandla Airport, Allahabad Airport, Kozhikode, Coimbatore, Agati Island Airport, Agra, New Delhi, Ahmedabad Airport, Guwahati, Goa, Belgaum, Jamnagar, Pune, Surat, Vijayawada, Varanasi, Wayzawl, Amritsar, Bhopal, Calcutta, Dibrugarh, Port of Blair, Madurai, Lucknow, Raipur, Srinagar, Dehra, Wazawal.

Airport codes

Airport codes have a great benefit, so each code symbolizes a specific airport, and it is short for its full name, and this code is used in flight maps and flight schedules, and in the following lines we will mention the most important airports in India and their codes.

  • Jaisalmer Airport, JSA.
  • Khajuraho Airport, HJR.
  • Ahmedabad Airport, AMD.
  • Omerajabad Airport, LXU.
  • Bangalore Airport, BLR.
  • New Delhi Airport, DEL.
  • Guwahati Airport, GAU.
  • Goa Airport, GOL.
  • Calcutta Airport, CCU.
  • Chandigarh Airport, LXC.
  • Lucknow Airport, LKO.
  • Madaras Airport, MAA.
  • Madurai Airport, LXM.
  • Mangalore Airport, LXE.
  • Comaport Airport, CJB.
  • Hyderabad Airport, HYD.
  • Indore Airport, IDR.
  • Jaipur Airport, JAL.
  • Mumbai Airport, BOM.
  • Cochin Airport, COK.

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