Nassau Island

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Nassau Island

Nassau Island is located in the state of Florida in the United States of America, and the total area of ​​Nassau Island is 1880.12 km2 distributed between lands that have an area of ​​47609.22 km2 and water bodies with an area of ​​1044.46 km2, and the population of the island is 76.619 people, with a total of 35342 families living on its lands with an average annual income US $ 55,315 per family, secondary school graduates account for 89% of the total population, and the percentage of university graduates with bachelor’s degrees is 23% of the total population, located specifically at 2505 south latitude and 7721 west latitude, and summer time starts on Nassau Island at an hour B Kdar one hour on the second Sunday of March and ends on the first Sunday of November.

Places to visit in Nassau

The island of Nassau is an attractive place to visit and attract tourists from different countries as there is the old town that provides an opportunity to visit it in shopping and buying various souvenirs in addition to many places worth visiting in Nassau, including the Bombay Museum which displays many African experiences in the Bahamas And Retreat Gardens, which owns 170 different types of palm trees that are rare, exotic and beautiful, and Nassau Island also owns a pirate museum that provides a variety of places for recreation and experience of the adventure of riding various ships.

Hotels in Nassau

There are many hotels spread on Nassau Island, which are suitable for all classes and layers, most of which are away from the city center. Among these hotels are the luxurious Cove Atlantis Hotel, the Red Carpet Hotel, Atlantis Coral Towers, the Alejandria Coral Towers, the Rio Paradise Island, the sunrise beach club and many other places to stay Miscellaneous.


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