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National Day 2015 vacation on the five most beautiful beaches in the Emirates

If you are one of those who live their lives between work and holidays, let me give you this good news, this Emirati National Day this year (2015) will happen on Wednesday and this means spending a three-day vacation (yes! It is a long vacation again) and it is a great opportunity to search for the hidden treasures of the Emirates On its beaches.
And if you think that life in the Emirates revolves around the eye-catching skyscrapers and models of modern architecture, you will also be surprised when you know that this desert country is filled with the most beautiful beaches that are the perfect destination for a short vacation in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates.
Below is a list of the best beaches that are worth a visit in the Emirates. Surprisingly, it does not include famous names such as Jumeirah Beach, The Palm Beach in Dubai and Al Mamzar Park, but they are less well known beaches, but they really have become one of the most beautiful tourist attractions.


Distance between Ajman Beach and Abu Dhabi 2 hours 40 minutes (189.5 km)
The distance between Ajman Beach and Dubai is 46 minutes (44.8 km)
Going to a quiet, secluded and crowded beach on the UAE National Day was a dream that was almost impossible until it became true when you got to know this quiet beach in the emirate of Ajman, which borders Sharjah in the north of the Emirates. You are fortunate to have avoided the crowded city center and head to the sea coast near the Hamriyah Free Zone, at a distance of approximately 15 minutes, where the splendor of the beach and the blue sea water glistening on the horizon amid complete calm punctuated by the sea roar. You may find at most one or two beds on a picnic on this beach.

Khorfakkan Beach

Distance between Khor Fakkan and Abu Dhabi: 3 hours 23 minutes (282.7 km)
Distance between Khor Fakkan and Dubai: 1 hour and 52 minutes (149.5 km)
Going on a trip to Khorfakkan Beach is an ideal destination for a weekend break outside Dubai. Khor Fakkan is an hour’s drive from Dubai and has a wonderful and clean beach where you can relax and enjoy water sports. The best thing about this place is the weather: the temperature ranges between 18 ° C to 30 ° C from November to April of the year. And you can’t miss going to the Rafisa Dam in the Khor Fakkan Mountains.

Dibba Al-Fujairah

Distance between Dibba Al-Fujairah and Abu Dhabi: 3 hours 12 minutes (285 km)
The distance between Dibba Al-Fujairah and Dubai: 1 hour and 37 minutes (151.8 km)
Dibba Al-Fujairah is one of the most beautiful towns in the Emirate of Jumeirah, which welcomes the residents of the Emirates who go to its picturesque sandy beaches and play fun water games. Dibba Al-Fujairah is home to many luxury hotels and its beaches are among the best in the UAE.

Al Khan Beach

The distance between Al Khan Beach and Abu Dhabi: 2 hours 44 minutes (181.6 km)
The distance between Al Khan Beach and Dubai: 39 minutes (25 km)
Al Khan Beach occupies a privileged location near the Sharjah Aquarium and is the first public beach in Sharjah and has many facilities and activities that suit both sports enthusiasts and those looking for relaxation in the sun. What is more, there are many interesting activities such as riding a “banana” boat, surfing on the sea, kayaking, “flying” kites, and more. And if you are not enthusiastic about water games and want to enjoy the sands of the beach, Al Khan Beach also offers you a variety of options to suit. Entering Al Khan Beach for a small fee and find more information about Al Khan Beach on its website.

Ghantoot Beach

Distance between Ghantoot and Dubai: 1 hour (67 km)
Distance between Ghantoot and Abu Dhabi: 1 hour and 46 minutes (98.1 km)
Ghantoot Beach is one of the treasures that many UAE residents do not know and which we do not know for how long it will remain like this … Seize the opportunity of the UAE National Day holiday this year and head towards the Ghantoot Beach, the treasure that has not yet been discovered. This beach is managed by the Golden Tulip Hotel, which offers barbecues and volleyball matches. You may have to pay a fee to enter this wonderful place where the beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere and take advantage of the cafes of this luxury resort as well as the pool and other facilities at the hotel. And when you’re done enjoying this beautiful beach, take on the challenge and do water sports, from water skiing to the Banana boat ride and many fun activities. You can also spend a night in this wonderful resort.

Advice on the beaches of the Emirates

Warning: Beach wear is only allowed for men and women on the beach and it is advisable to wear normal clothes before leaving the beach.

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