Nature in Turkey

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There are many countries that are characterized by their picturesque and magnificent nature due to their location and climate, and among them are Turkey, which is located in the Middle East region alongside Iran, Syria, Iraq, Greece, and Bulgaria, and with maritime borders with the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, and its area is 783,562 square kilometers. It is inhabited by about 76,667,864 people. What is unique about Turkey is that it connects the Asian continent with the European continent, which has given it a diverse climate and geography in every region in it, and the ground movements that occurred thousands of years ago in the region have a role in shaping the landscape in it.

Nature in Turkey

There are many natural places in the country, which made them the focus of attention of tourists, in order to enjoy these views, and away from the burdens of work and life, because the Turkish nature provides a lot of different places from each other so that it satisfies all tastes, so the visitor chooses the area that suits his desire.

The most important natural areas in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that have the most picturesque nature and these natural areas:

  • Sudoushan Waterfall: It is a high waterfall located in the city of Yalovia, and it is characterized by its wonderful appearance, where the dense waterfall is surrounded by many trees, and tourists and locals visit it continuously because of its easy access.
  • Abant Lake: It is a beautiful lake that is characterized by the extension of green trees in its full path, such as pine and spruce trees. There are also many distinctive parks around it, and tourists go to them to relax, and also to practice the hobby of cycling available in them, and to reach them the visitor needs two hours by car from the city of Ankara.
  • Kemer: It is a large city located between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean, so it has acquired two natures mixed with each other, namely mountainous and coastal nature, and many restaurants, cafes and beach resorts were established in the city, thereby increasing its beauty and attracting more visitors to it.
  • Pamukkale Hills: They are hills covered with ice and blue water, and although they are full of ice, they contain warm pools rich in minerals and beneficial elements, so it is considered a tourist place for both recreation and treatment, and these hills were formed by volcanic activity in the foot.
  • Uludag Mountain: It is a mountain of high altitude, reaching a height of 2543 meters, and the mountain is distinguished by its being covered with snow in the winter, so it is practiced in the skiing hobby, but in the summer it returns to its semi-green nature, and is used for the hobby of climbing mountains.
  • Polo Koboglu Mountain: It is one of the beautiful and dazzling green mountains, so the mountain was called God’s Paradise on Earth.
  • Hassan Mountain: It is a mountain similar to the volcanic peaks in its formation, and it is covered in a large snow, and reaches a height of 3263 meters, and it is often used by residents and tourists to practice the hobby of skiing with comfort and enjoyment.


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