A comprehensive tourism report for the Netherlands that includes a detailed table of the most important tourist places that you can visit in the Netherlands, in addition to the costs of tourism and travel to the Netherlands, the most beautiful and calm parts of the world, and here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

Netherlands Tourist Report:

Here are the most beautiful and famous places in the Netherlands, do not miss to visit any of them if you want to really enjoy your time in the Netherlands.

Royal palace :

  • The Royal Palace is located in the center of the capital, Amsterdam, where it is one of the oldest monuments found in the Netherlands.
  • It was used as a royal palace to perform formal judicial work, and was built in the seventeenth century AD.
  • Today it is considered one of the best museums that open its doors to tourists, as official parties are held in the royal palace, prizes are distributed, and national celebrations are held in the country.

Regex Museum:

One of the most beautiful museums in the Netherlands, and it is called the Golden Museum, where it enjoys great importance in the history of the Netherlands and is beautifully surprising. The Rijksmuseum houses many amazing paintings dating back to the golden age.
The museum tells the history of the Netherlands throughout the ages and is one of the destinations that you must visit if you are a fan of Dutch art, as it contains many pieces of art that embody civilization in the Netherlands.

Arts Zoo:

It is one of the most beautiful and oldest zoos in the Netherlands, and in all European countries, and it contains many ancient trees that date back to many years, and the number of trees in them is more than 200 diverse species, including rare trees that may be subject to extinction.
There are more than 700 famous and rare animals in the garden, and there are many great places, including:

  • The famous office building.
  • The huge museum.
  • Fish Museum.

At the zoo you will find many archaeological sites, which makes it one of the most important tourist attractions in the Netherlands, which are very beautiful, and enjoys a special status among fans of the Netherlands, and the local people.

Zoo times and entry fee:

  • You can visit the zoo from 9:00 in the morning, until 6 in the evening.
  • For adult fees: up to 15 euros.
  • For fees for those over 65: 14 euros.
  • For fees for young children “between 3 and 9 years: 12 euros.
  • Discounts are also made for families, if the number of the family exceeds 20 people, and you may find a slight change in the price of fees from time to time throughout the year.

Nemo Museum:

  • It is one of the most beautiful museums that you must visit if you are a fan of excitement and excitement, and it contains a lot of interesting programs for adults and children to suit different ages as it will enable you to experience new things full of vitality and contains chemical laboratories in addition to the halls for media shows and huge special soap bubbles With young children.
  • In Nemo Museum, you can also try to disassemble the electronic parts yourself, do a lot of interesting experiences, and see the results in front of your eyes, which made it one of the destinations that very young children love, and it is very suitable for families.
  • Activities in the museum are not limited to that, but there are also local Dutch food in addition to places to eat that I took with you as you are allowed to eat in certain places within the Nemo Museum.
  • The Nemo Museum is one of the most important and largest scientific centers in the world, and it has a unique design in the shape of a ship

Nemo Museum dates:

You can visit the museum from 10 in the morning until 5 in the evening.

Amsterdam Channels:

  • One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the capital, Amsterdam, which has a beautiful and comfortable appearance, and in Amsterdam you will find many channels that occupy about 25 percent of the city’s area.
  • Thanks to the fact that a large proportion of the geographical area of ​​the city in the form of bodies of water, moving mainly from place to place by boat, which will increase the beauty of your visit to the charming city of Amsterdam.
  • You will not forget to force your oars that you can rent for a walk around the city. You can also ride electric boats yourself or with the help of an expert to guide you on an unforgettable marine excursion in Mustarda.

Vondel Park:

  • One of the most beautiful parks in the country, which enjoys a very strategic location.
  • In the park you will find a huge theater that includes five exhibition halls, and many shows are organized throughout the week between theatrical performances and impressive concerts in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere with the unique theater design.
  • The Vondelpark is one of the most beautiful areas in the Netherlands that tourists and locals love so much, thanks to its captivating beauty.
  • When entering Fondel Park you will feel that you are about to enter a committee that is unparalleled in its beauty anywhere else, and it is not enough to speak to describe its beauty, but you will feel it when you see it with your own eyes.


One of the museums that enjoys great popularity in the Netherlands, and in the past it was considered the most famous butter market in the city. Today, it is a museum in addition to markets, places to sit and cafes. Rembrandtplein is one of the most vibrant areas in the Netherlands.
We advise you to visit this dazzling place in the evening to experience the atmosphere of life tonight in the Netherlands.


  • One of the most vital areas in the capital, Amsterdam, which has a special status in the hearts of tourists.
  • The Jordan area contains many galleries of modern art and classical art where you will find everything you want and search for in this region if you love art and paintings.
  • Jordan was initially just a region predominantly inhabited by migrant workers, but then it became a museum, and a major tourist attraction in Amsterdam, and for its origins in the past it was built in the seventeenth century AD.

The cost of tourism in the Netherlands:

  • It depends a lot on the tourist places that you want to visit, in addition to the housing that you want to get and the services available in it, and in general you will find that housing in the Netherlands will cost you only between 80 euros and 170 euros, and you will find many hotels that meet the need of budgets Different in terms of luxury or economy.
  • For the costs of a ten-day trip to the Netherlands, you will often need only 30,000 riyals in addition to the price of tickets, and the price varies depending on the places you will visit, and how you intend to spend your time in the country.

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