Here are the best places for tourism in South Africa Arab travelers, South Africa is one of the most distinctive tourist destinations in the world as it has many attractions that attract a lot of tourists with up to more than 5 million tourists annually.
It is worth noting that South Africa is located on the southern side of the continent, and on the north it is bordered by Botswana and Zimbabwe, while in the south it is bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, while on the north-eastern side it is bordered by Mozambique, and on the northwestern side it is bordered by Namibia, and the spring is the best time to visit it, and through Arab travelers show you the best sights out there.

The most beautiful places of tourism in South Africa Arab travelers

1. Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

  • One of the most famous sights in Cape Town, which guarantees you to spend a pleasant time with your family or friends, and occupies the top spot in the list of the most visited places in the city, where it is visited annually by about 24 million visitors.
  • The facade is a port that includes many picturesque natural landmarks such as Table Mountain Park, along with an area of ​​about 123 hectares, and also contains many hotels, restaurants and apartment blocks.
  • What also distinguishes this façade is that it includes many heritage places such as the Chavez Museum, which is one of the oldest heritage sites there and dates back to the eighteenth century.
  • Among the landmarks that are also worth visiting at that façade is the clock tower, which is one of the oldest landmarks in the city and which dates back to the year 1882 AD, and is characterized by its unique Victorian style design.
  • In this place there is a bridge linking Alfred Basin and Victoria, and the port includes the oldest anchorage, Robinsov Marina, and there are many restaurants that overlook the sea next to the shopping areas.

2. Cape Town Wheel

Cape Town Wheel

  • The Wheel of Cape Town is among the attractions worth visiting in the city, which resemble the theme park and is one of the features of the waterfront of Victoria and Alfred, with a height of about 40 meters above sea level.
  • The wheel includes about 30 cabins designed with a high degree of accuracy, accuracy and professionalism in order to provide you with safety when riding, and it will take you on a wonderful tour that enables you to see the most important landmarks of the city.
  • Visiting times start from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening, and you can learn about ticket prices by entering the official website of the place.
  • Inside the place there are many activities for children, such as cartoon characters’ shows, and it is considered one of the suitable places to hold birthday celebrations for them.

3. Gold Reef City Park

Gold Reef City Park

  • Among the sights worth visiting in the city of Johannesburg is the Gold Reef City Park, which is the best recreational place in South Africa and the ideal recreational destination for children, dating back to 1971.
  • The park offers a range of fun leisure activities such as horse riding and many other recreational games that ensure you spend quality time with the family.
  • There are many restaurants and cafes in the park if you feel hungry, and there are many transportation links available to this location to connect you to and from the hotel you are staying at.

4. Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach

  • Traveling to South Africa in summer time needs to go to the sea for recreation, so we recommend you Boulders Beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches of Cape Town and is located in a location close to the town of Simon.
  • Boulders Beach is home to many penguins spread throughout its parts and their total number is about 3000 by road, and it includes many granite rocks, and is characterized by its clear waters and clear white sand, along with many trees surrounding it.
  • There are many boats that you can rent to paddle and wander around the beach in order to enjoy its beauty and to spend the most enjoyable time. There are also many restaurants that offer the best seafood.
  • Beach visiting times start from eight in the morning and end until six and a half in the evening, and ticket prices range between $ 5 for adults and $ 2 for children.

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