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The Chinese city of Xiong’an, which is one of the largest economic development areas in China, is located 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing. The city was founded in 2020 AD, and includes the Shanghai Pudong New District, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, a public service center, a train linking the city with Beijing, and a tree Photovoltaic generates electricity by 6000 kWh per year.

Colombo Port

The city of Colombo, which has a capacity of 40,000 residents, is located in Sri Lanka. The city includes commercial plazas, residences, hotels, schools, offices, a naval canal, gardens, a beach, and squares. The new city design also aims to reduce energy consumption while providing a comfortable climate.


The city of Norkent, which will appear in 2035 CE, is located in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan, and the city will be the largest transportation and logistics center on the Silk Road. Infrastructure for city facilities.

Forest City

Forest City, which was allocated $ 100 billion to be built on four artificial islands in Malaysia, is located 2 km from Singapore, a new environmentally friendly city, which includes residential towers, office towers, hotels, shopping centers, and smart homes, and will provide the city that will appear in 2035, 220 thousand jobs, and it will emerge as a new economic engine in the country, and the city will expand to 700,000 residents.


The city of Damq, which has an area of ​​11 square kilometers, is located inside the Duqm Economic Zone in the Sultanate of Oman, 550 kilometers south of Muscat. The damaq contains an industrial city with an oil refinery, a methanol factory, a car factory, etc. The cost of building this city is $ 10.7 billion.


Khan Yunis

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