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We give you everything you need to know about Dubai Safari. Dubai Safari is one of the most beautiful and most interesting places that you can visit in the world and in Dubai in particular, in addition to the different types of animals, which number more than 2500 animals from all over the world, there are also theaters and restaurants and various entertainment events are organized, for more details About Safari Follow us on Arab travelers.

Information on Dubai Safari

  • Dubai Safari Park was established in Dubai in Al Warqa 5 area, in front of Dragon Market.
  • The construction cost of the park amounted to nearly a billion dollars, and an area of ​​approximately 1,200 sq km.
  • Dubai Safari Park has the capacity to receive more than 10 thousand visitors daily.
  • The park houses nearly 2,500 animals from different continents of the world, and in various professionally provided environments.
  • The Dubai Safari Park is divided into 4 sections, making it easy to take a safari tour in an organized way.
  • These sections include the Arab Village, the African Village, the Asian Village, and the Safari Village.
  • In addition to animals and landscapes, you can visit the educational and recreational theater, where you can learn about the wildlife in the park toasty.
  • There are also distinct places to rest and enjoy stunning views, as well as restaurants and cafes that you can find easily within the safari.
  • There are many environmental aspects and diversity in the safari, and the latest methods are used in observing animals, as well as their facilities at the highest level of progress and development.
  • The Dubai Safari is the first park in the world to provide animal care training.
  • It is also the only place in the world where you can ride on private vehicles near tigers, hippos and crocodiles while ensuring total safety.
  • The park includes the largest place to see baboons, and the largest gathering of lions and elephants in the Emirates.
  • Also, through a special offer, you can watch the hippopotamus underwater on nature.

New Dubai Safari Park prices now - New Dubai Safari Park prices now

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Prices of entry tickets for Dubai Safari

The municipality in Bey has set entry prices as follows:

  • 50 dirhams to enter the safari for adults.
  • AED 50 to enter the Grand Park for adults.
  • AED 85 including entry to safari and major gardens for adults.
  • 20 dirhams to enter the safari for children.
  • 20 dirhams to enter the safari for children.
  • AED 30, including entry to the safari park and grand park for kids.
  • Admission is free for children under 3 years, for adults over 60, and for those with determination.
  • Parking is free for visitors.
  • The VIP parking can be used for 50 AED as an additional fee on the ticket.

1581261366 594 New Dubai Safari Park prices now - New Dubai Safari Park prices now

Dubai Safari opening times

  • Opening hours in Dubai Safari are from 9 am to 5 pm daily.
  • But weekends are only for families.

1581261366 739 New Dubai Safari Park prices now - New Dubai Safari Park prices now

Dubai Safari website

You can visit the Dubai Safari website, and learn more information by contacting the Safari through this link.

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The most important tourist attractions in Dubai Safari

Dubai Safari Animals

You can visit more than 2500 species of various animals coming from different continents of the world, and among the most famous animals found in the safari: chimpanzees, crowned Victoria pigeon, flamingo, comodo dragon, spotted hyena, veiled chameleon, and African turtle, in addition to many Other predatory species are lions, tigers, and many other pet species.
1581261366 920 New Dubai Safari Park prices now - New Dubai Safari Park prices now

Valley of Adventures

You can spend the best time on adventures through various games in the valley designed for adults and children, in addition to that you can experience the feeling of climbing mountains through walls and safe nets, and you can also skateboarding.
1581261366 785 New Dubai Safari Park prices now - New Dubai Safari Park prices now

Restaurants and cafes

Where you can taste the most delicious international dishes from various kitchens of the world, as well as you can get wonderful desserts, and refreshing juices with branches of the most famous restaurants in the world.

Theaters and public performances

Where theatrical works are carried out through which to display the vital environment in which safari animals live, as well as you can get to know in detail the animals exposed to extinction, in addition to bird shows and the most important pollution problems in an entertaining and educational atmosphere.
1581261366 421 New Dubai Safari Park prices now - New Dubai Safari Park prices now

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tourist villages

  • Arab Village: It includes a number of Arabian desert animals such as deer and mule.
  • African Village: which includes the African elephant, and some species of birds and large mammals.
  • Asian Village: which includes great offers suitable for children, where the different types of animals and their behaviors can be identified.
  • Safari Village: which includes the hippos area, baboons, giraffes, antelopes, zebras, and the theater.

1581261366 252 New Dubai Safari Park prices now - New Dubai Safari Park prices now
You can also visit the children’s farm, and have a good time feeding the giraffes as well in the safari. Follow us on Arab travelers to receive all new, and long as you are in the safety of God.

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