The Creek Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the heart of Dubai, so what are the different activities that children can participate in, and what makes this park better than any other park? What special activities do you offer? What are the fees for dolphin shows? Here are the most important of these details on the comprehensive Arab Arab travelers website.

History of Creek Park:

The Creek Park is one of the most famous parks in Dubai, and the oldest of them at the same time as it was opened in 1994 AD to be a way for fun and science at the same time, and it is built on a distance of 96 hectares, and cost more than 260 million dirhams.
Al Khor Park is ranked No. 2 after Mushrif Park in relation to the area it occupies, and it is considered better in terms of the large number of facilities that have been completed and its proximity to the center of Dubai.

Creek Park where fun and luxury:

If you or your children are a golf fan, then this is the opportunity to take a great sport. Al Khoul Park contains an 18-hole miniature golf course model, which accommodates a huge number of fans of this sport from Dubai and abroad.
In the park there is a huge theater with a capacity of about 4 thousand viewers, and it can be used to make huge parties in a romantic atmosphere with the fresh air and picturesque nature.
Mohammed Ahmed Al Lawz, head of the Deira Gardens division who speaks on behalf of the General Administration of Gardens in Dubai, believes that the park is very impressive and unique of its kind, as it has a geographical location close to the heart of Dubai, and it has a view of the creek, and is located along the Al Maktoum Bridge to the Garhoud Bridge side, which It makes its length exceed 5 km, and it is close to Dubai Golf Club, and there are many huge shops around it.

Activities that can be done in the city of Al Khor:

  • In the park there are many recreational facilities, including areas for young children to have fun and fun for your children.
  • You can stroll through the extensive greenery or barbecue in the nature.
  • You will find the dazzling children’s city, you can also ride a cable car or see the dolphin shows held.
  • Numerous recreational programs are organized in the park, which include water shows for dolphin games and many impressive displays of seals that will definitely impress your children and delight their heart.
  • The cable car allows you to see the beauty of Dubai from a great height and also enjoys a direct view of the Dubai Creek from an altitude of more than 32 meters. It is the only cable car in the creek.
  • There are 5 areas distributed in the park to cover the whole park. There are also places to play various exercises and places to increase fitness
  • In the park there are places for entertainment and fun such as biking and entering the maze, or riding a train to see the beauty of nature in the park, in addition to the collision cars hanging and balloon ride.

The beauty of nature in the Creek Park:

The Creek Garden includes more than 280 types of wonderful trees and unique plants in addition to the large size of green areas that include more than 3 hectares of the total area of ​​the Creek Garden in addition to the rock garden that includes many plants that live in the deserts amid the rocks in a unique and new form of its kind Combine the beauty of architecture, engineering and the beauty of nature.
In the garden there are 1170 palm trees, in addition to 5920 trees of various types. The plant fences cover a distance of 2200 meters longitudinally, while the dirt covers include 14800 square meters. As for the seasonal roses, they include more than 6 thousand meters and the garden contains many wonderful flowers that are planted throughout the year.

Child City features:

  • The Childrens City contains everything the child needs to have fun and spend an unforgettable time. It is located in the middle of the Creek Park and is easily accessible through Gate No. 1. You will find many slides and places for climbing, and modern ropes that follow international standards.
  • The role of the city of the child is not limited to entertainment only, it includes a huge educational center that provides a lot of useful information for children, in closed halls.
  • You will find an electronic games hall equipped with air conditioning so that your children can play their favorite games and achieve some victory.

Dubai Dolphinarium offer:

  • Of the places designated for making dolphin and seal shows, and it was newly added to the garden, it offers many shows every day, the duration of the show is 60 minutes.
  • The first show is scheduled for 10 in the morning, the second show is 6 Morocco and the last show is at 9 pm.
  • Dolphin shows belong to a private company, and it is one of the offers rarely available in the Arabian Peninsula, and marine biology needs a lot of attention in order to be able to live, and it is available in the Creek Park.
  • The reason for the success of the dolphin shows is the intensity of the public’s attendance, especially children who love to swim with the dolphin and learn more about it. To deal with the dolphin, a special fee is paid. There are also shows in which the sea lion and seal animal participate.
  • As for ticket prices, the special tickets for adults are available at 150 dirhams, and children are 120 dirhams. As for the regular ticket prices, it is available at 100 dirhams for adults and 82 dirhams for young children.

When to visit the Creek Park:

As for Dubai Creek Park, it works all week, from 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening every day.

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