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London Transportation Guide:

Here you go to a new place, the first problem you may face is your inability to move freely due to your lack of understanding of the nature of transportation in it, especially when we talk about a place with a strong and massive transportation network such as London, the capital of Britain.
The city is known for its clear and organized network of transportation links, which saves you the hassle of thinking about how to get to a place and provides you with comfort while on the go.

How to use London buses:

  • To travel on London buses, you will need to purchase bus tickets, the most popular travel card ever.
  • Buy a one-day, three-day, or week-long travel card from any region 1 to 6.
  • If you do not intend to London Center you will only need to purchase tickets for the first and second region.
  • Travel tickets prices start from six pounds and can be used at the same time to ride the bus, metro or railways of the country and are not used for Heathrow Express and can be used for sea tours as it provides you with a discount of one third of the ticket price.
  • The Oyster card can be used to travel by bus and metro as well, and it is one of the cards that are suitable for traveling freely.

Bus stations in London:

  • The metro stations are located in close proximity to each other, making buses a favorite transportation for all and available everywhere.
  • What makes buses have its own fans is its cheapness compared to the metro. The bus ticket price is 2.2 pounds only if you use the cache, and 1.3 pounds if you cut off the Oyster tickets. The traffic pass can be used for one day, until four thirty in the morning on the following day.
  • What makes tourists turn to buses instead of the subway, is the possibility to see the dazzling attractions of London attractive. Each bus stop is a different tourist place, and at the same time you will find information about the bus route and the destinations it will pass in addition to other stops that are located close to this station.
  • The position also informs you of the number and timing of buses passing by, and other information that you will need while on the go.
  • Most stations operate from Monday to Friday, during the daytime. It is less available in the early hours, late hours, and on public holidays.

London Underground:

  • The subway is the country’s No. 1 transportation, which is why it is called a tube to most of the locals.
  • It is a huge network of stations distributed throughout London and its various suburbs and it will also connect you to some important airports such as Heathrow main airport at high speed.
  • In the case of references to trains and platforms, these words are used in stations that depend on the direction of its functioning: Eastbound, Westbound, Northbound and Southbound.
  • The last metro in the city is at 12:30 in the week, except for Sunday. The last carriage will be at eleven in the evening. The first train departs at five in the morning.
  • It is easy to infer the metro stations with ease when you see the symbol a red circle with a blue line crossed horizontally in the middle.

London metro prices:

A London metro ticket usually costs £ 4.90 if you book a single flight ticket. It is different if you use an Oyster London card.

Oyster London card:

  • It is one of the premium cards, which will save you a lot of money in the event that you use the metro mainly to move around in the city’s victims.
  • If you use the London Oyster Card, the metro ticket will only cost 2.8 pounds.
  • The usage of the Oyster card is limited on the same day, because it is cheaper than regular metro tickets.
  • In case you want to buy an Oyster London card, you will need to pay eight pounds, including the metro ticket price. You can charge the oyster card from any of the metro stations.

London cable car:

One of the most beautiful transportation in the city, which was created by Emirates Airlines.
The London cable car will enable you to see the beauty of the Thames, and to see the intensity of the beauty of the sky in London.
For cable car costs one time, it starts from 4 pounds in the case of a regular ticket and 3 pounds in the case of using the oyster card.

London Taxi:

  • London Taxi is one of the best and most elegant means of transportation in it, with its dazzling black color, which you can park on the street yourself, or book any of them through their application or by calling them on the phone.
  • London Taxi operates according to the meter system, which starts from 2.4 pounds.
  • What will facilitate your mobility is the acceptance by London Taxi of various credit cards, and it is important to ask the driver at the beginning to confirm this.

Thames River boats:

The Thames River boats provide a charming opportunity to navigate the city through the various paths that exist in the Thames River.
You can participate in any of the trips that are organized throughout the day from the Mashouse to the Embankment, from the Patni or the Chelsea area to the Black Fears through speedboats. These boats will accompany you on a tour of London’s landmarks from its famous bridge and parliament. The price of tickets for a cruise from Patni to Black Ferry back and out is probably 12 pounds.

London National Railways:

London has the best internationally designed railways that provide excellent services. National Railways can be considered the best public transportation without a way to travel south of the Thames or to visit other places in the country.
There are many important tourist attractions that can only be reached by taking the national railways because the city’s underground metro does not reach every place. The most important of these attractions are the National Museum, the Tower of London, the famous Buckingham Palace, the city of marine biology in London and even Humpton Court Palace. Trains are extremely fast and punctual.



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