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Istanbul is a charming Turkish city that God loved with an unparalleled nature and climate in addition to a group of picturesque civilizational places, as it extends across two continents as it is one of the places that combine ancient local traditions and between modern global civilization, as it has a lot of Mosques and large churches in a painting that embodies the meaning of national unity and brotherhood, and there are many tourist and historical places in Istanbul that are worth seeing and enjoying, so let’s take a quick tour of Istanbul, the beating heart of Turkey.

The most beautiful new places in Istanbul:

1- Tour within the Bosphorus:

First, you must take a tour of the Turkish Bosphorus strait in order to take a comprehensive and deep look at the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul by ferry and do not miss this opportunity as you will bring together the continents of Warba and Asia on this trip, the trip takes three hours, during which you will see Dolma Pasha Palace, Rumeli Fort and a number of forests and green areas, then after that you can also go to Princess Islands from the European side and you can see a number of Princess Islands such as:

  • The first island, Port Gas, too.
  • The second island is also getting.
  • Hippley too and Buick.

And you can spend a full day on one of these islands while enjoying European specialties.

2- Olympus Region:

If you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the life of noise, you have to spend a day in the city of Olympus, which is far from the city and is characterized by calm, and this city is like a small wooden village consisting of wooden huts, which overlooks the shore of the Mediterranean, which is one of the quietest places in Turkey, You can really enjoy eating grilled meat on the volcano fire. It is an exciting experience and worth the experience. If you suffer from work fatigue and noise and are looking for fun, calm and relaxing, you should visit the charming city of Olympus.

3- Sadaf Island:

Sadaf Island is one of the most beautiful islands that you can see in your life as it is an ideal opportunity to escape from the fatigue of work and the pressures of life to a quiet resort far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and you can enjoy the free internet service available in this island in order to contact the outside world There are also many service centers in order to supervise the inmates and provide all the requirements that they need, but this island does not open its doors to tourists in order to get off it only in the summer season, as the winter on this island is very cold and cold, so if I wanted to spend a magical summer on you Going on Sadaf Island and enjoying a villa of 70 villas located on the island, ensuring you comfort and luxury together.

4- Visiting the Egyptian Market:

The Egyptian market is one of the most important markets spread in Istanbul, and the Egyptian market takes the form of the letter l and the market always teems with visitors and those who come to it from all countries of the world, as you can take a tour inside it in order to buy perfumes, plants and rare herbs and do not forget to pick up Picture with rare plants.
You can also wander between the spice sellers, which are characterized by a strong aroma and many tourists are willing to buy them to enjoy the distinctive flavors of oriental food. You can also buy a set of souvenirs from the many shops spread in the Egyptian market in order to present them to your friends as well as to Gift prices are suitable for everyone.

5- Visiting the old Artconi neighborhood:

You can visit the old Artconi neighborhood, which is located on the European side on the banks of the Bosphorus and overlooks the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and this neighborhood is called the neighborhood of the Sultans and Kings, as it was once inhabited by all kings and sultans of the Ottoman Empire, and this region brings together the peoples of the Turks, Greece and Security and also gathers Between all the divine religions in one gathering.
There is also the famous Turkish Hammam neighborhood, which was built more than 500 years ago by the most famous architect of the sixteenth century artist Sinan, which is a great masterpiece.
You can also visit the Chergan Palace, which is one of the most famous landmarks of this neighborhood, which was built 300 years ago by order of Sultan Abdul Aziz. The palace is characterized by a large architectural masterpiece of unique style as the colored marble pieces cover every part of this palace, while the external facades and ceilings The interior of the palace is all made of wood pieces decorated in the old Ottoman style, and this palace connects to the Yildiz Palace via an old marble bridge, so do not miss the opportunity to go for a free tour inside the palace.
All of these places you can visit when you reach Istanbul and there are many places that we will eat together during the upcoming tourist trips together.


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