The Seven Wonders of the World

God Almighty created man and gave him reason and creativity, so man exploited this creativity in various fields such as art, architecture, medicine, engineering, life sciences, and many other fields. He also cared about trying to document what he makes and creates in order to save history, and this was the main goal of Jot down the seven wonders of the world.

The ancient seven wonders

The first to initiate the idea of ​​the Seven Wonders of the World are the Greeks. In the beginning, the Greeks began visiting various regions around the world, so they were amazed by the amazing and creative views they saw, so they began documenting what they saw during their travel on their books, but the best of them was the Greek poet Antipater Al-Sidawi. The scholar Philo Al-Byzanti authored the book of the Seven Landmarks of the World, but what was found after him is a manuscript that mentions only six monuments in which he agreed with the Greek poet except for the curiosity of the walls of Babylon, which he replaced with the Lighthouse of Alexandria, then a statue of Rhodes was added as a seventh wonder, and this was what was called Baaj B minimum old seven.

New Seven Wonders of the World

As for the Seven Wonders of the World currently known, what is a major investment project like other investment projects whose main goal is profit, with some other benefits from it, and the owner of the New Seven Wonders Project is the Canadian-Swiss investor Bernad Weber, who launched his project in 1999; Where the project is based on the principle of exploiting the various means of communication to achieve material profit, and he created a special company for this project called the New Open World Foundation, and this company proposes the names of the sites that will have to be voted on so that they are built by humans before the end of the year 200 0 pm and still present at the time of voting.

The company implemented the vote for the first time in the year 2000 AD where everyone is entitled to vote for free for seven of the 23 designated sites, and at the beginning the number of proposed sites was 17 but due to pressure from a segment of people six other sites were added, and if the individual or any party wanted, whether private or governmental If you vote for one specific site, you pay for the vote.

Then the second voting process took place in the year 2000 after the establishment of a private company called the New Seven Wonders Foundation in 2002 which is not profitable. Initially 200 distinctive sites were launched and announced online until it shrank after the voting to 77 sites, then with a specialized team of architects And engineers have reduced the number to 21 distinct voting sites.

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