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New York

New York is located in the northeastern United States on the Atlantic Ocean, its capital is Albany, and it consists of 62 provinces, and the total area of ​​the state is 284,122 square kilometers, and it is the state with the twenty-seventh ranking in terms of area, and the third in terms of the most populated population, which is the most populated city. United State.

New York City is described as the capital of world culture and economy, and it is considered one of the most important centers of trade and finance in the world, and it contains the headquarters of the United Nations and the stock market. New York is bordered to the south by the states of (New Jersey and Pennsylvania) and the states of (Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont) to the east, and also has maritime borders with (Rhode Island) east (Long Island), as well as international borders with the Canadian province of Ontario in the northwest, and (Quebec) in the north.

The economy in New York

Most of the state’s residents work as employees and workers in the economic sectors that are largely active in the state and these businesses include: medical offices, hospitals, legal advisory offices, entertainment and recreation companies, advertising agencies, and the most important factor in oil is New York The city is the main provider of auto shops, food stores, and restaurants, and New York is a leading city in publishing and authorship.

Tourist and natural sites in New York

New York land covers many fertile river valleys and mountain highlands, making it a place of attraction for visitors and tourists, and we will list the following the most prominent and famous aesthetic sites in the region:

  • Lakes such as: Lake (Shambin), Lake (George), Lake (Placid), Lake Saranac.
  • (Niagara) Falls located on the scenic US-Canadian border.
  • The Catskills forest area of ​​a quarter million hectares.
  • Forest Park, Washington Square Park and Pelham Bay Park are the largest parks in New York.
  • Mt Marcy is one of the highest mountains in the state, with a height of 1629 meters.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Statue of Liberty: It is a work of art that was gifted by France to the United States of America as a memorial gift for closer relations between the two countries, and it was on the occasion of the centenary of the American Revolution (1775-1783). Designed by Gustav Eiffel while its structural design.

The agricultural sector in New York

New York State is ranked third in the field of dairy production. The Finger Lakes region is famous for growing apples and grapes. It is also famous for cultivating strawberries, cherries, pears, onions and potatoes, especially in West Long Island.


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