When you go to a new country and want to know everything about it, its culture includes its customs and traditions. New Zealand looks like a new country, but it has a number of distinct traditions that you must know well before going.

New Zealand’s most important customs and traditions that help you cope in the country

Ask and Watch

The New Zealander is a travel-loving person, constantly roaming around the world so they realize how to be a tourist in a strange country. So ask about any of New Zealand’s most important customs and traditions that they follow; they don’t feel uncomfortable with tourists having them. If you find something you don’t understand, don’t be shy about asking someone or standing up to see what’s going on. It is the best way to learn a lot about this country.Ask and Watch Ask also: Travel Tips to New Zealand ..


New Zealanders love to make friends, and spend lots of fun time. So sharing food is one of New Zealand’s most important customs and traditions that they preserve, whether while going for a beach walk, meeting with childhood friends, or taking a barbecue with neighbors. So always food and friendship go hand in hand in this country. If you come across and invite one of those parties, be sure to bring some food with you even if the party owner says that you do not bring anything. Also, if someone says that he will come to the party, and he does not attend, do not take that seriously, as the New Zealand people love to relax a lot.Socializing


Although there is a culture of drinking alcohol for the New Zealand people, there are some customs that local people follow regarding it. It is better not to drink alcohol during parties, and social gatherings between friends and neighbors. Those under the age of eighteen should not drink any alcohol as well. The legal age for drinking alcohol starts from eighteen years old.


Smoking is rare in New Zealand, and is prohibited in public buildings including restaurants, bars. It is also rare to smoke outside, and if you want to smoke you should ask those around you if they do not mind.Smoking

Socializing at work

Morning and midday greetings exchanged with business companions are common to New Zealand’s locals. It is also customary for some of the team’s friends to celebrate someone’s birthday or any special occasion where everyone attends food and that celebration is called ‘bring a plate’. Moreover, going to a drink after work on Fridays is one of the most important customs and traditions of New Zealand, where only comrades go, and it is not permissible to call any family members.Socializing at work Read also: Tourism in Fiji ..

Unwritten rules

The New Zealander is a friendly people, but he loves to keep his privacy. So there are some rules that do not seem apparent that you must follow, people love to talk a lot but do not like to share their personal lives, and those are the most prominent customs and traditions of New Zealand. You should not ask anyone about the money they earn, or why they have no children, or why They are not married, or their weight. You can talk about topics such as; what someone did on holidays, or how children are doing, weather or sports, these are safe topics. People like to smile to each other, so don’t be surprised if someone smiles at you while you walk around. Among the unwritten rules also is not to get too close to someone, as this causes discomfort so keep the distance between you and the individuals. You should take off your shoes as well when entering the house, and it is not permissible to sit at any table. Kissing on the cheek is a popular greeting, which you receive when you visit someone. You’ll also find them reciting a prayer to thank the Lord, before eating.Unwritten rules

Slang language Slang

Most New Zealanders speak quickly, and their speech includes many slang words that you may not be able to understand. So if this happens to you, do not be shy to ask someone to speak calmly and clearly, the New Zealander is very understanding.

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