North Korea cities

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Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea, and the largest city in the country in terms of population, as it is home to 3,255,388 people according to estimates of two thousand and eight, and the majority of the vast Pyongyang population are of Korean origin, and there is a very small percentage of the population of The Russians, the Chinese, and the Japanese. Just as the Korean language is the official language in the capital, Pyongyang has an abundance of natural resources, making it the industrial center of North Korea.

Ham Hong

Ham Hong is located in the east of central North Korea. It was previously the commercial and administrative center of Northeast Korea, and is currently a textile production center and industrial city. It contains hydroelectric power plants, a nitrogenous fertilizer factory, and Ham Hong is home to 703,610 people according to the statistics of the year two thousand and eight.


Namp’o, formerly called Chinamboyo, is located in southwestern North Korea, in the area of ​​South Pinggan do. The city was formerly a fishing village before it developed, and it becomes an open port in the year one thousand eighty-seven, and the city of Nampo is known for its quality. The apple you grow, just as it is the main port in the region, the central market for marine products, and manufactures steel and chemicals, and is home to 310,864 people according to the statistics of two thousand and eight.

Heng Nam

The city of Heng Nam is located at longitude 127.62 and latitude 39.83, and is only 2 meters above sea level, and is home to 346,482 people.


Kaesong City is located in Huanghai Namdo Province, at longitude 126.55, latitude 37.97, and forty two meters above sea level. Kaesong is the largest city in Huanghai Namdo, with a population of 338.155 people.


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