Norway’s tourist cities

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Norway is a European country located on the northern side of the continent of Europe, officially known as the Kingdom of Norway, and its capital is the city of Oslo, and its system of government is a constitutional, democratic and parliamentary monarchy, with a land area of ​​385.178 km2.

It is divided into five strategic regions, and these regions are divided into nineteen provinces. Its population, according to 2013 estimates, was 5,136,700 million, and its official language is Norwegian.

Norway’s tourist cities

The city of Tromsø

Geographically located in the province of Troms, with a land area of ​​2,566 km2, and a population of 71,627 thousand people, according to estimates in the year 2013 AD, and it is called the title of Paris North, and it is considered one of the important tourist cities in Norway;

  • Aurora Borealis: It is one of the most important areas that tourists come to observe this unique phenomenon.
  • Tromso Cathedral: Designed by Engineer Jean Inge Havec, it is constructed of cast iron, glass, and concrete.
  • Wooden antique houses: That dates back to 1789 AD.
  • Museums: Tromso Museum and Aquarium.
  • Movie house: It was built in 1915.

Also, several cultural festivals are held in the city, such as the International Sami National Day, and the Tromsø International Film Festival, and it also receives annually winter sports such as ice skating and the midnight sun marathon.

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The city of Trondheim

Geographically located on the estuary of Nedelev River in the province of Sur Trondelag, and is considered one of the very ancient cities in Norway, where it was founded in the year 997 AD, and includes many historical and tourist attractions, including:

  • Museums: Musical Instruments Museum, and Ringf Museum.
  • Cathedral of Nidaros: It was built in the Middle Ages, and below it contains the tomb of the Norwegian king, St. Olaf.
  • Huge warehouse: It is located on the banks of the Nedelev River.
  • Fjord Trondheim: It is one of the largest shopping centers in the city.
  • King Olaf statue: Located in the city center on the market.
  • Other places: TV tower and old castle.

The city of Oslo

It is located geographically at the head of the Oslo Maritime Alley, specifically on the southeastern coast of it, and its land area is 453,99 km². The city contains many historical and tourist attractions, including:

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  • Botanical gardens: It contains more than seven thousand plants.
  • Royal palace: It was built in 1849 AD and is the seat of the Norwegian monarch, and features a garden filled with some small lakes.
  • National Gallery: It contains many antiques, and Norwegian arts.
  • King Karl Johan’s statue: It is located on Karl Johan Street, in front of the Royal Palace.
  • Other parameters: Kon Tiki Museum, Ulsoy Town Hall, Froggy’s Garden, and Opera House.
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