Number of galleries of the Louvre

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Louvre Museum

The Louvre, one of the most famous and most important international museums ever, and it is located in France, in the capital Paris, specifically on the northern bank of the Seine River, opened in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three, and it is visited annually around nine million and three hundred thousand visitors, which is an historical archaeological museum Artist, and it is considered the largest international art gallery, as it contains paintings of the most famous international painters, as well as ancient Egyptian antiquities, which were stolen during the French campaign against Egypt.
The Louvre was originally a castle built by Philippe Auguste, in the year one thousand and one hundred and ninety, in anticipation of any surprise attack on the city of Paris during his long absence during the Crusades, and the castle derives its name from the name of the place on which it was built, where it later turned into A royal palace, famous for the name of the Louvre Palace, was the residence of a number of French kings, and it is worth noting that the last of the French kings who took their headquarters is King Louis XIV, where he left to live in the Palace of Versailles, in the year one thousand six hundred and seventy-two, to become the seat Judgment in place of the Louvre, which has since become the seat of residence Htoa a lot of property antiques, unique sculptures.

Number of galleries of the Louvre

The Louvre Museum contains a number of lounges, numbering about three hundred and ninety-four galleries, divided as follows:

  • Underground floor: It contains eleven showrooms.
  • ground floor: It contains about a hundred and two lounges.
  • first floor: It contains about two hundred and eight showrooms.
  • second floor: It contains seventy three showrooms.

Information about the Louvre

Some information about the Louvre:

  • The Louvre Museum is divided into several main sections, according to the art it exhibits and the history of this art. The total length of its halls where paintings and antiques are displayed is thirteen square kilometers.
  • It includes more than a million artifacts, consisting of oil paintings, sculptures, in addition to an amazing collection of Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian antiquities, as they number fifty-six thousand and sixty-four artifacts, and contains paintings and antiquities dating back to the eighteenth century Gregorian.
  • There is a huge glass pyramid, which was established in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, through which visitors to the museum enter.
  • The most important section of the museum is the Great Hall, which was built by Catherine de ‘Medici, in the seventeenth century, where this hall contains dozens of works of genius painters, in it there are many rare paintings, the most important of which is the famous Mona Lisa, drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci, It dates back to the year one thousand five hundred and three, in addition to the painting of the face of Francis I, by the painter Titan.
  • There is a narrow hall, containing some paintings by the French painter Tolotric, and in another hall there is also a coronation of Napoleon I.
  • One of the most important statues contained in the Pelegora statue, and this statue appeared in the movie “Peligura, the ghost of the Louvre”.


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