Tourism in Nusa Dua Beach is described as a luxury and elite tourism in the world. The most famous Indonesian beach is the destination of the world's richest people. Nusa Dua Beach has gained its reputation as one of the most luxurious beaches in the world from the range of services provided by high-level resorts such as health clubs, golf courses, private places all located on the coast of the beach.

Where is Nusa Dua Beach?

Nusa Dua Beach is the main beach of the island of the same name, located 11 kilometers from the city of Kuta, and 21 kilometers from “Denpasar” south of Bali. It is a small island that tourists can explore and fully walk around in no more than three hours .

Reasons for distinguishing Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach has a charming nature and moderate climate for long periods of the year, but it did not get all this fame simply because of these advantages that are available elsewhere in Indonesia. The tourists ’preference to go to Nusa Dua Beach exclusively is due to the luxury and privacy services provided by the resorts to its guests. Each tourist product on the beach has a special “reserve” that cannot be reached through the three gates: the main gate, the eastern gate, the southern gate, which makes the resort more like a fortress.

Tourist peak seasons on Nusa Dua Beach

Noosa Island is located in the tropical climate range in Indonesia in the period from October to March, which is the period where heavy rains fall. Hence, the best times to visit the island during the rainy season, especially in the period from May to August that the weather permits to do many activities in the fresh air.

Moving on the islandNusa Dua Beach

There are several means of transportation within the small island, the most famous of which is the metric taxi system that works to calculate the number of meters. There are also cars and motorcycles that are rented to tourists in addition to the "Pemos", which is a popular means of transportation.

Tourist places on Nusa Dua BeachNusa Dua Beach

The main goal of choosing the beach for private tourism and recreation on the sands of the white island, and enjoying water sports, health care services, massage and golfing; however, there are some tourist places as well: - Denpasar city, which is the administrative capital of the Bali region and includes many places that can be visited such as the Bali Museum, Taman Boudia Cultural Center, Badung Market and Kompassari Market. There is also a “Turtle Island” which is a natural remembrance that can be visited and seen turtles when laying eggs in the sunset. One of the romantic places on Nusa Dua Beach is the “rock formations” area which is a group A vehicle of rocks, tourists prefer to take souvenir photos next to it, located north of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Nusa Dua Beach receives all kinds of tourists, whether they are on honeymoon trips, or from the world famous industrialists, the wealthy and artists, which made him get the title of the elite beach undisputed.

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