Obstacles to tourism in Morocco

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tourism in Morocco

Tourist activity plays an important role in the development of the Moroccan economy, thanks to the many world heritage sites in the country such as the archaeological site of Louleli, the ancient city of Fez, the ancient city of Marrakech, and many other cities.

Statistics for the year 2010 AD indicate that the Kingdom of Morocco has a special position on the world tourism map, as the number of tourists during that year exceeded 10 million tourists, and this is considered rare in African countries, but the appropriate climate and strategic location has contributed to encouraging tourism in the country.

Qualifications of the tourism sector in Morocco

  • Civilizational diversity in Morocco: Civilizations and their diversity over a land are an important factor for tourist attraction, and accordingly, ancient civilizations with long-standing social customs and folklore in Morocco contributed to attracting tourists to them.
  • Natural constituents: The geographical location that Morocco enjoys is an attractive ingredient for tourism, due to its natural and attractive landscape and beautiful beaches.
  • Installation components: it includes hotels, tourist vehicles, hotels, and others.

Obstacles to tourism in Morocco

  • The tourism sector suffers from seasonality, as the opportunity for tourism only for summer nights increases more than at any other time during the year.
  • The absence of an element of respect and observance of time by the authorities regulating the tourism sector, which is represented by the irregularity of air flights.
  • The absence of a holistic view of tourism in the country for a long period of time.
  • The commercial sector suffers from permanent deficit.
  • Low levels of quality in tourism-related services.
  • Lack of entertainment and tourism activities.

Types of tourism in Morocco

  • Tourism of antique cities; the cultural and historical heritage in the Moroccan antique cities is a center of the tourism sector, and this includes the desire of tourists to see the popular culture, traditional industries, museums, and others in the various ancient Moroccan provinces.
  • Mountain tourism; tourists flock to Moroccan cities to practice mountain tourism, and the most prominent cities suitable for this tourism are the city of Azilal in the eastern part of Marrakesh, and the Atlas Mountains especially in the winter due to its snow cover, and many other areas where climbing is practiced.
  • Sports tourism; golf is considered one of the most common types of sport practiced in Morocco by businessmen, so this group of society flocks to practice sports in the tourist village for that, and athletes also play several sports such as paragliding, hunting, hunting and others.
  • Religious tourism.
  • Beach tourism: The length of Moroccan beaches extending over the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean has helped attract tourists from all over the world, and the southern bank of the sea is considered one of the most popular beach destinations, due to the availability of quiet beaches, golden sands, and others.

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