With the development of technology in a large way, and the identification of all cultures in the world, many strange phenomena and customs have been discovered that are considered to be one of the strangest things, and in this article we will identify some of the incredible wonders and wonders of the world.

Of the wonders and strange in the world

The most fertile person

  • Ramses II: He is one of the pharaohs who lived before Christ, and from the conclusions of historians, Ramses gave birth to 100 children before his death at the age of 90 years, and many drawings, sculptures, and symbols that confirm Ramses’ pride in his sons were made, and some of them became kings.
  • Misek Neandaw: He is one of the 61 people who lived in Zimbabwe in Africa, he is 61 years old, he married 15 women and has 128 children between male and female, and he is still thinking about marriage to have more children.

A fungal disease that turns a child into a stone statue

The child Ramesh Darjee suffered from this disease, which caused his body to turn into a stone statue. This disease is one of the rare diseases that peeling the skin to replace him with a thick black layer, which prevents the injured from speaking. When Kumari gave birth to her son Ramesh Draghi, doctors found that he had this It is a rare disease, and it is difficult to find a medicine for it despite many researches about the disease and its causes.

Sports bus

It is a bus invented by the company Rebel1 by James Balfour and Giles Design, and it was made available in London. The idea of ​​this bus was contemplated because of the large use of the bus, and they sat for a long time to reach their desired place, so they thought about putting sports bikes and sports games by bus to use the time instead of Sitting especially with the onset of obesity significantly.

Migration of the king’s butterflies

It is one of the most admired natural phenomena that occur every year, it is considered one of the largest migrations of insects by butterflies by cutting a distance of 4023 km to the Mexican forests of Michoacan from the United States, so these butterflies are distinguished by their bright and attractive colors that cover the trees and the sky, which gives a unique landscape. .

Smart idea to cheat

Three students from Thailand implemented one of the smart ideas that appeared in some of Tom Cruise’s films to cheat on exams, so they used smart tools, where small wireless cameras hidden inside the glasses were attached to a smart watch that is placed in the wrist, and is connected to the Internet, and the camera By taking pictures of the exam paper and sending it to someone outside who in turn sends the answers right away.

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