Oman Air is the only national and official airline of the Sultanate of Oman, despite its recent era in the field of air transport for individuals and goods, and the return for the year 1993 managed to become one of the leading companies in the field and possesses the trust and loyalty of its customers, providing them with all the comfort, enjoyment and safety of its flights.
Despite its start as a regional airline, it has succeeded in extending its influence to many destinations on the European and Australian continents, the Indian subcontinent and the Far East in a short time through a modern fleet consisting of 52 aircraft of various types.
Oman Air operates its operations from Muscat International Airport, with its head office located in the capital, Muscat.
To know the most important advantages and services provided by Oman Airlines to its customers and the most important questions about its dealings with them, please follow up on this report.

Omani Airlines

Oman Air features

Oman Air provides its passengers with a set of benefits that it outperforms its peers from other airlines in order to gain the confidence and satisfaction of its customers on the level of its services such as:
• A modern fleet of aircraft with periodic maintenance operations, flight crew, hospitality and highly-trained trained customer service to ensure customer comfort and safety.
Comfortable seats with spacious spacers provide opportunities for lying down, sleeping and massage services.
• Special screens for each seat to follow the various entertainment contents, printed and electronic magazine and free games for children, as well as international communication services at the highest level.
• A loyalty program for frequent travelers on their flights that gives them free miles / trips, hotel reservations, discounts and vouchers for shopping malls, rental cars from partner commercial establishments.
• Ease of booking Oman Air, monitoring the flight status, and amending or changing it.

Services on Oman Air flights

Oman Air provides passengers with a range of high-quality hospitality services to ensure that passengers feel comfortable, enjoyable and satisfied with the flight level, namely:

the food

Omani Airlines offers its passengers a variety of Arabic and international dishes prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients, with a series of hot and cold drinks on top of which are authentic Arabic tea and coffee with dates as a welcome meal.
Meals are served on Oman Air flights, in high-quality Chinese vessels, and high-quality glass cups.
Special dieters can also provide the staff with their nutritional requirements while booking Oman Air tickets through the company’s website.


Oman Airways provides a wide and varied library of the latest international movies, TV shows, electronic games and dozens of entertainment content suitable for all ages and tastes.
In addition to the printed Oman Wings Magazine, through which you can get to know the most beautiful and most important tourist destinations in the Sultanate of Oman and the character of its people and its popular heritage through its readable contents and great panoramic pictures of the country.


Oman Air ensures to passengers on its flights modern and advanced facilities to maintain the comfort and satisfaction of its customers such as wireless internet (Wi-Fi) to do business during the trip, modern personal screens and headphones to follow the various entertainment contents, comfortable individual seats and adjustable headrests.

the shopping

Oman Air provides on-board shopping service through its own website known as Muscat Duty Free or an electronic magazine known as Sky Emporium, both of which provide the traveler with a service to choose between more than 1500 duty-free products from the most famous international brands in the field of cosmetics Perfumes, sweets and drinks such as Amwaj, Giorgio Armani, Versace, and others.

Travel classes on Oman Air

Oman Air provides 3 classes for traveling on its flights, which differ in terms of the size of the benefits and services provided, such as:

business class

This degree is provided to its passengers:
✓ Ergonomic fully foldable and convertible sleeper bed, with electric seat depth, back and footrests for a greater degree of comfort and relaxation, and ample space between the seats.
✓ A varied and free selection of local Arab and international dishes, hot and cold drinks of all kinds, in addition to a welcome meal of dates, Arabic coffee and special menus on request.
لاسلكي Wireless internet services, international roaming, and on-board entertainment for a minimal fee of $ 5 – $ 40 depending on the type of service or depending on the fees your carrier applies.
✓ Shopping services and purchasing duty-free products on board the plane through the magazine and the private website.
انتظار Waiting and hosting halls at different airports provide a variety of the finest dishes, drinks and snacks, areas for relaxing and pursuing business, computers and free wireless internet.

first degree

This degree is provided to its passengers:
✓ Fully comfortable and fully convertible seats into a bed to sleep in, with appropriate separations between seats and ample space for each seat, the cabin does not contain more than 6 seats only.
✓ A variety of Arabic and international meals and drinks of all kinds, with a welcome meal and menus for special dieters.
✓ The presence of a private class suite known as the junior suite provides spacious seats equipped with massage units, special seat screens to follow the entertainment contents, space for hanging coats and handbags.
إنترنت Wireless internet services or international telephone roaming system on board the same fees and conditions available for business class passengers.
✓ A magazine and website for shopping on the acquisition of duty-free goods.

Economy class

This degree is provided to its passengers:
Comfortable seats with ample space between them.
شخصية Personal display screens behind each seat, with the ability to send text messages or make international phone calls cheaply or according to the fees your operator charges on roaming calls.
✓ A varied selection of local and delicious Arabic dishes and cold or hot towels depending on the nature of the climate, with offering hot drinks such as tea and coffee for free.

Travel destinations on Oman Air

Oman Air flies to 80 destinations in 38 countries around the world, perhaps the most important of them in the Middle East:
Oman Air flights to / from Muscat
Oman Air flights to / from Salalah
Oman Air flights to / from Cairo
Flights Oman from / to Dubai
Oman Air flights to / from Riyadh
Flights Oman to / from Kuwait City
Oman Air flights to / from Bahrain
Oman Air flights to / from Doha
Oman Air flights to / from Beirut
Flights Oman to / from Casablanca

Reserving Omani airline tickets

You can book Oman Air through the official website of the company, which allows you to reserve and pay for tickets with a private credit card, reserve or replace the seat and buy additional space and luggage, choose a meal, upgrade the degree for members of the Sinbad program, request a refund of Oman Air tickets, finish travel procedures and view data Reservation for amendment or confirmation.
The Oman Airlines website also provides the opportunity to book a trip by train, a double trip by train and plane, or book a car, in addition to travel and medical insurance during the period of stay in the destination country.
And of course, the prices of Oman Air tickets vary according to the country of departure and the destination of travel, and through the website you can follow the quotations that the Sultanate of Oman offers to different destinations.

Baggage policy on Oman Air flights

Oman Airlines has adopted a new system for shipping the luggage of passengers traveling on its flights starting from January 9, 2020 in accordance with the concept of the global segment and allows:

  • Economy class passengers on Oman Air flights can carry one piece of luggage with a weight of 30 kg and a maximum of 32 kg and dimensions of 158 cm.
  • Business class and first class passengers on Oman Air can carry one piece of baggage from 30 to 32 kg with an additional piece of 20 kg and dimensions of 158 cm.
  • Those traveling on the Sinbad program who hold the silver and gold cards, are allowed to carry one piece of luggage with a weight of 30 kg and another one with a weight of 20 kg, if they are in the economy class, but if they are in the business class or first class, they are allowed to carry one piece with a weight of 30 kg and another Additional weight of 30 kg.
  • While infants are allowed one piece of baggage weighing 10 kg in all circumstances.

The fees applicable to overloading are different from the limits mentioned and permitted during Oman Air flights, depending on the country and airport of departure and arrival.

Completion of travel procedures on Oman Air

You can request the completion of your travel procedures on an Oman Air flight within a minimum period of 48 hours and a maximum of 90 minutes before leaving your flight, as the airline’s check-in offices are closed at the airport 60 minutes before departure.

Summary of customer opinions

Oman Air Airlines got 3.5 / 5 through Tripadvisor to book and evaluate flights, during 3589 comments from people who have previously traveled on its flights.

common questions

The following paragraphs answer all inquiries that you have in mind regarding Oman Airlines and its dealings with its customers:

When can I book Oman Air tickets for my flight?

You can book Oman Air tickets with a minimum of 330 days and a maximum of two days before traveling to ensure data is recorded on the site in order to confirm the reservation.

If I book others, how many people can I book on Oman Air flights?

You can book a maximum of 6 adults or children at the same time.

Can I retrieve my ticket?

Yes, unused Oman Air tickets can be redeemed or exchanged for another after checking with your local Oman Air office.

What happens if I lose my travel card?

If the ticket is paper, please contact the local Oman Air office in your country, report the loss and fulfill the legal procedures.
As for the electronic ticket or electronic reservation data on the site, they cannot be lost easily, just refer to the confirmation message sent by the company to your email and reprint your ticket.

What documents will I need at the airport after booking on the website?

Your valid ID or passport, the destination country visa, a printed copy of the travel ticket or Sinbad card, the credit card from which you made the reservation, any documents you are likely to be required of if you are a special travel case.

What do I do if my luggage is damaged or lost on an Oman Air flight?

In the event that one of your luggage is damaged or lost, you should refer to the Omani Airlines office at your nearest airport within 21 days of the trip date and have your passport, damage report document, boarding pass, paper ticket was printed or printed, a copy of baggage identification cards, report violations Passengers at the destination airport, damaged luggage for inspection and issuance of a report of the size of the damage and the amount of compensation required by the company for it and can be claimed up to two years from the date of the incident
And knowing that the company is not responsible for compensation for baggage exchanges at the destination airport.

What advantages does the Sinbad program offer to frequent travelers?

In addition to the benefits that we previously presented during the article, the miles gained through the program can be used to get more baggage, enter the executive lounge and check-in priority, upgrade and get more miles.

How to register an account on the Sinbad program for the frequent traveler?

An account can be registered on the Sinbad program through the airline of the Sultanate of Oman or through the company’s mobile application, and a family account of 8 individuals with a maximum age of two years can be created.

What are the advantages of a family account on Sinbad?

The Sinbad Family Account provides an opportunity to collect miles faster by collecting the miles that the participants participating in when they travel on Oman Air or partner airlines in one account, and with each flight the owner can take advantage of 100% of the added miles value.

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