On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020, which falls on March 8th .. Arab travelers give you support as a woman of awareness and independence to be able to rebuild her life and the life of those around her and spread happiness.

Single travel is a top priority for many women, although many are afraid to take this experience, although it is a unique experience that enriches your experiences and enhances your self-confidence.

To prepare you for your next trip alone, today we offer you a set of tips to give you safety and help you fully prepare to enjoy the enjoyment of individual tourism ..

Hide being a tourist

It does not apply to all destinations, of course, but in many destinations it is preferable to hide being a tourist and staying in the city alone to maintain your security.

Wearing local clothes

Experts advise you to blend in with the surrounding environment at your destination and wear local clothes to reduce the attention as much as possible while respecting the customs of each country in choosing fashion.

Choose comfortable shoes

Your journey is based on exploration and experiences to boost your confidence so you should choose comfortable shoes suitable for long walks, get to know the sights and avoid high heels.

Eat balanced meals

Being alone can distract you from eating daily meals, but the basic advice here is to make sure to eat meals on time in order to ensure your health safety and not be exposed to chronic fatigue and fatigue when you are alone.

Take care of your beauty

Do not neglect your beauty and your usual routine of care during your trip as the absence of a partner does not mean neglecting your looks, it is necessary to take sunblock creams and lotions to reduce puffiness of eyes and refreshments and drink plenty of water to maintain your freshness.

Pay attention to the quality of the pictures

Great photos are an important element of your individual tourist trip, as it is the memory that will last forever, so it is best to accompany a good quality camera and self-portrait camera or mobile holder.

Use safe mobility

Do not respond to temptations at cheap prices and do not resort to means of transportation alone with strangers such as limousines, taxis, or rented cars, especially when moving between cities and villages or remote areas.

Always make sure to travel with reliable public transportation like buses, railways, metro, etc.

Take advantage of the times of the day

Organize your time during your trip and take advantage of the daytime hours as much as possible to use for wandering, sightseeing and experiences or moving from one city to another and avoid moving and traveling during the night.

Do not give others information about you

Integration at your destination is great, especially by talking to locals or chatting in cafes, but you should be very careful in revealing your private information such as your place of residence, your next destination, your employer, etc.

Avoid showing your personal belongings

On your trips, you definitely take your mobile phone, camera, laptop or tablet, and these devices may make you vulnerable to assault or theft, so avoid showing them in front of the public, in the streets and in insecure areas.

Learn some grammar

It is helpful to learn some rules and words of the language of the country you are in. When you are on your own, you may be in a situation that requires talking to locals to help you.

Avoid unaccounted for adventures

In almost every tourist destination in the world, people or agents of tour companies appear to us inviting us to experience exciting adventures in this country, such as embarking on a cruise, climbing mountains or exploring the desert, among others.

These adventures may be unaccounted for sometimes, especially if you are alone, so it is preferable not to be drawn into these invitations, or to experience reliable companies after verifying them online or asking your country’s embassy.


When traveling alone, it is preferable to book your stay in advance, especially for the first nights stay at your destination, as this avoids you getting into trouble if the rooms are occupied in most hotels.

Avoid too much baggage

It is preferable not to carry as many baggage as possible and to reduce it as much as possible so that you can move comfortably and not be distracted, especially at airports, trains, and buses.

Keep copies of documents

Make sure to copy your important documents such as passport and ID cards and travel with these copies and keep the original in the hotel locker.

Trust your instinct

The instinct of a woman is very strong, do not hesitate to trust her and try to seek help when you feel insecure or dangerous without any shame of the consequences.

Experience travel and discovery experiences
Experience travel and discovery experiences

    Get ready for a tourist trip alone

Get ready for a tourist trip alone

    Enjoy your trip alone
Enjoy your trip alone

    Enjoy your trip safely
Enjoy your trip safely

    Take pleasure in solo trips
Take pleasure in solo trips

    Avoid the risks of traveling on your trip
Avoid the risks of traveling on your trip

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