Only 15 thousand riyals is enough for you to travel to Switzerland, Germany and France

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You may not believe that you can travel with this amount to these countries, but the language of numbers does not lie. Follow us and you will know the secret !!

But before we start the narration, I want to tell you something. “Most of the western people travel and travel the world and they always travel not because their financial condition is excellent. On the contrary, many of them have a lower level of material than us and do not compare with us, but because they are economical in their travel and appearances do not care about them. Unfortunately, like some of them died.

Who is this subject for?

The topic is for people with limited income only and not for the well-off at once, and for those who want to live in luxury hotels and eat in luxurious restaurants. The topic is brief for those who consider the hotel to sleep and not interested in shopping for travel and do not get tired of the length of transit in travel, if you are from this category I advise you to complete reading the topic .
I studied the market based on the current aviation offers, which are very attractive prices, but they are volatile and may change at any time so it is preferable to quickly book in order to ensure that the discounted price is obtained early !!

Traveling on Greek Airlines has amazing offers:

1 149x300 - Only 15 thousand riyals is enough for you to travel to Switzerland, Germany and France
Tickets cost 695 riyals from Jeddah to Geneva for one person, including tax, knowing that there is a transit of up to 9 hours in Athens.

An example to which we will apply our flight account:

Traveling from Jeddah to Geneva on April 3 and returning on April 16 = approximately 13 nights

Travel schedule :

3 nights in Annecy (France) from April 3 to April 6
4 nights in Interlaken (Switzerland) from April 6 to April 10
3 nights in Freiburg (Germany) from April 10 to April 13
3 nights in Montreux (Switzerland) from April 13 to April 16

Hotel Prices:

Ansi Hotel: It is the best Western. This hotel link is a total price of 3 nights = 912 Saudi riyals for two adults.
Interlaken Hotel: It is an apartment in Interlaken close to the train station and this is the link of Interlaken’s apartment. The price for 4 nights = 1261 riyals for two adults.
Freiburg Hotel: A two-star hotel in the center of Freiburg, and this is the hotel link for 3 nights = 700 Saudi riyals for two adults.
Montreux Hotel: A 3-star hotel on the outskirts of Montreux, and this is the link of the hotel for the price of 3 nights = 1324 Saudi riyals for two adults.

Total hotel costs: 4197 riyals

Car rental cost:

In the current period, you are not looking to receive the car from the French side of Geneva Airport, so I noticed that the prices seem a little more expensive than the Swiss side and are no longer cheaper as they were before, noting that the cars on the French side are not equipped with Swiss auto stickers, so shorten the road and search on the side Swiss only.
I searched for a car on the Rental Car website for the cheapest available car for two people and it is economical in fuel (manual transmission) and I found this car:
2 300x98 - Only 15 thousand riyals is enough for you to travel to Switzerland, Germany and France

The price is 1363 Saudi riyals, but without insurance and deposit.

We come to detail the prices:

The price of airline tickets for two people = 1390 riyals
Total cost of hotels = 4197 riyals
The cost of the car rental = 1363 riyals
Car insurance = 1,000 riyals (approximate price)
Daily expenses: 150 euros * 13 nights = 1950 euros and Saudi riyals = 7834 riyals
Total expenses of the trip: 15,784 Saudi riyals.


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