Opening times for Festival City, Dubai Mall

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In the next article, we show you the best entertainment activities and opening times of the Festival City Dubai Mall in detail, so the Festival City area is one of the finest areas in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and what distinguishes it is its strategic location near Dubai International Airport, as it is located next to the Creek area, This makes the region a very important tourist attraction, and it is located in that region, “festival city mall”, which is one of the largest shopping centers in the emirate, so the mall contains about 350 commercial stores of international and famous brands, and the mall also has a large cinema hall, In addition to a diverse group Restaurants and cafes that will satisfy all tastes, and in the following article from Arab travelers show you the most information about this mall.

Opening times for Festival City, Dubai Mall

  • The mall opens its doors every day from the beginning of ten in the morning until ten in the evening, and in the days from Sunday to Wednesday.
  • As for the days from Thursday to Saturday, the mall opens its doors from ten in the morning until twelve midnight.
  • As for the mall restaurants, it starts its work from the beginning of ten in the morning, until eleven in the evening on the days from Sunday to Wednesday, and in the days from Thursday to Saturday it runs until twelve midnight.
  • The hypermarket in the mall starts from nine o’clock in the morning, until midnight on days from Saturday to Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday, his work extends until one o’clock after midnight.

Leisure activities in the Festival City Mall

  • You can go on a tour with family and friends to get to know the mall, and enjoy the facilities and services it provides, by going on a shopping tour and buying all the clothes you need for all age groups, shoes and accessories bags, in addition to the different perfume stores in the mall.
  • The mall also has many well-known shops selling home furniture and electrical appliances, such as the global chain store IKEA.
  • You can also visit electronics stores to buy what you like from the latest new electronic devices on the market.
  • In the mall there is the world-famous store Carrefour, where you can shop and buy what the home needs easily from there.
  • You can take a break on the spot, go to a restaurant, and have a meal, so you can choose from a range of international restaurants that offer western and eastern meals.
  • In addition to the cafes where you can drink warm drinks, or cold drinks and eat refreshments.
  • What makes the mall a favorite destination for families, is that it contains an area that has been specially designed for children, so that this area contains a lot of safe games for children, in addition to video games.
  • In the mall there are many interactive games, such as a jungle game in which children enter on an expedition, and a game of pirate ship with a long sail of more than 13 meters, in addition to a set of sand toys.
  • The mall has an outdoor cinema overlooking the beach, where many entertainment shows that many are keen to watch.
  • And at the end of the day don’t miss to go on a simple sailing boat and see the sunset from the Dubai Creek.

Dubai Festival City Mall No.

  • For inquiries, you can contact Dubai Festival City Mall customer service via the following number: +971 800 332.
  • Or you can call via the fast line: 800332.
  • Or you can contact us via e-mail: [email protected] .
  • It is worth noting that customer service works every day from the beginning of ten in the morning until ten in the evening, in the days from Sunday to Wednesday, and operates from ten in the morning until twelve in the middle of the night in the days from Thursday to Saturday.

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