We are on the verge of winter in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere, which embraces most of the countries and cities that tourists and business owners go to.

And in the winter season there are colds, which we do not want to hit while traveling, whether it is a vacation or a business trip.

Cold or influenza, which causes fatigue and pain in the whole body and can only be treated with total rest for a period of no less than 3 days, which makes us feel uncomfortable in the hotel room, so it is necessary to prevent before traveling and during travel in order to reduce the risk of infection.

And because travelers are exposed to colds more due to their presence in crowded and closed places such as airports, planes, trains and tourist attractions, while traveling through different time zones can weaken the immune system to become more vulnerable to colds or influenza.

It is advisable to take vitamins, especially vitamin C during the trip, as it is preferable that the travel bag include pain relief pills and throat pain relief must be combined with Cold & Flu pills available in pharmacies.

We also advise people to drink plenty of water and drink lemon juice, raspberry juice and strawberry to strengthen immunity.

We wish everyone a comfortable travel away from any hassle.

Our advice to you when traveling in the cold season
Our advice to you when traveling in the cold season

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