Our duty towards promoting tourism

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Tourism is an activity in which a person travels from one place to another with the aim of entertaining and getting to know the tourist sites. The person who conducts this activity is called a tourist. To other countries with tourist sites.

The importance of tourism

Tourism has a special significance that benefits the state as a whole and the citizen in particular, such as:

  • Tourism is an important source of providing funds and increasing the country’s national income. Some countries rely mainly on tourism to provide capital and build development projects in it.
  • Providing job opportunities for residents and residents, and thus reducing unemployment.
  • The exchange of cultures and ideas between tourists and the inhabitants of the country. The tourists coming to the country pass on their culture and developments that took place in their country to the host citizens, thereby stimulating development and progress within the country.

Encourage tourism

Tourism needs the citizen’s efforts to join forces with the government to thrive and increase the number of tourists visiting the country, because the tourist is considered an ambassador for his country and transmits everything he sees inside the country to his country and expresses his feelings and impressions.

The citizen’s role in promoting tourism

  • Dealing with tourists in a positive and gentle way. The citizen must be confused with the tourist and help him when he requests help.
  • Avoid trying to take advantage of tourists on the pretext that they are coming for tourism, so the merchant raises prices on them, or sells them as goods that are deceptive.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of streets, parks, and tourist sites, and using them in good ways so that tourists can enjoy them, and visit them at a later time.
  • Participate in volunteer work that includes helping and guiding tourists and cleaning tourist sites.
  • Preserving tourist sites and gardens from ruin and destruction.
  • Each citizen preserves the beauty of the environment surrounding his private house in order to preserve the beauty of the town in general.
  • Raising children to respect tourists and not to disturb them.

The government’s role in promoting tourism

  • Facilitating the procedures for entry of tourists to tourist sites and not complicating them.
  • Putting instructions on the streets, roads and everything necessary for the tourist to facilitate his arrival to any place he desires.
  • Encouraging work in the tourism sector for citizens and facilitating work procedures.
  • Appointing tour guides in tourist areas and tourist offices to help tourists get to know the best tourist areas and enjoy them correctly.
  • Establish strict laws that protect tourists from exploitation.
  • Paving the streets well to facilitate movement on them, as well as providing garbage containers and comfortable seats in tourist places for free.
  • Ensuring the necessary protection for tourists to freedom of movement without fear of attack, theft or any kind of abuse.
  • Educating the citizen about the importance of tourism and ways to stimulate and encourage it.

Tourism video

To learn about tourism, watch the video.


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