The holiday atmosphere dawned with the start of the summer vacation, which means getting on the plane and flying far to discover the coolest destinations around the world. But as is well known, aviation affects a lot on the skin due to dry and recycled air in planes.

To help you, my dear, combat fatigue after your plane travel, Neutrogena gives you some advice and steps to make sure to give you an amazing shine during the vacation.

1. Protection and Protection:

Some know that plane windows do not protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and with a high altitude, the skin becomes vulnerable to sun damage. So make sure to carry your Hydro Boost City Shield Moisturizing Lotion with an SPF 25 sunscreen that is travel-friendly, that contains SPF 25 UV-proof, against long and short UV rays. As an added bonus, this very light lotion is ideal for moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin throughout the journey, due to the hyaluronic acid that provides an intense and rich dose of hydration.

2. Integrated cleaning:

Flying travel increases the chance of exposure to all types of bacteria – before taking a nap, use the Hydro Boost Facial Cleansing Wipes, to help remove all traces of make-up and oily substances. And do not forget to moisturize after using the cleaning wipes!

3. Farewell to swollen eyes:

We all saw this before; swollen and tired eyes after travel! Apply a refreshing Hydro Boost eye cream gel to smooth and rejuvenate the eye contour, and get the best look as you like, even after long travel.

4. Moisturizing and then hydrating:

The very dry and compressed air on board is a basic recipe for catastrophic damage to the skin. The skin may experience some side effects such as increased oil production, rash and dry spots – so make sure your skin is hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Overwork after travel, with these tips
Overwork after travel, with these tips

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